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For the past month my cd dvd drive stopped working. I put in a cd one day and it refused to come out. it just kept blinking green or yellow (i dont remember which color) i had to take the cd out manually. My cd drive had disappeared from "My Computer" but it is in the device manager. I uninstalled the driver then re-installed it but nothing. I tried the who registry and deleting the filters thing but when i looked it up no filters were listed. I tried finding it and i did and deleted it but then my computer wouldnt start up and so i had to get everything restored. I am so lost and I really need my cd drive to work. i think ive tried everything but nothing has worked. is there any other suggestions?
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  1. ive luck
  2. Did the scan report any issues?

    Make sure your cables are secure, or try different cables.

    If that doesn't work, try the drive in another PC. It may be dead.
  3. Yes...the scan said the cd/dvd drive is not detected. But it is there when i look in the device manager.
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