Geforce 6600gt to 7600gt question

I want to upgrade my Graphics card, but I'm not sure if it's compatabile with my current system. I built my pc back in 2005 and forgot everything there it know about it :( I thought I'd make a post here to get some advice.

The motherboard I'm using right now is an Asus 939 socket. Here's a link to the specs

Curre nt Graphic card is EVGA 128-A8-N350 GeForce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X.

And finally this is the Geforce 7600gt I'm planning to buy

I hope my motherboard isn't too old for the 7600gt
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  1. For sure don't buy the PCI express version of the 7600 GT. Check out the AGP version.
  2. Wow I didn't even notice that. Just looked at the AGP version and noticed it's like 50 bucks more though.

    I guess I should just get a new motherboard. I'm back to step 1 lol
  3. Now that's funny.

    If you're on a budget, you can build a complete AMD X2 3800+ mid tower (does not including OS and peripherals) including a 7600GT for < $500.
  4. You have any advice on which Motherboard to get along with the 7600gt video card?

    I have the Socket 939, but it looks like there's a new Socket AM2 now?
  5. If you're just looking for a short term upgrade to sqeeze some more life out of your PC and you're willing to wait for a rebate this should be OK I would think. It has GDDR3:

    It' s cheaper than building a new system anyway.
  6. this is an old question, but is there a significant difference in gaming performance between:

    1. x2 3800 socket 939 ddr1 400 agp 8x nvidia 7600gt


    2. x2 3800 socket am2 ddr 667/800 pci-express 16x nvidia 7600gt

    assuming same processor class and same amount of ram, same harddrive etc..

  7. Thanks Ananan. I think I'll just buy that 7600gt card. I don't think it's worth it to upgrade my entire system. Since I only play games once in a while.

    I'm going to look into overclocking my CPU as well. I've had it for 2 years, but never tried it. I better browse the overclock seciton of this forum or I'll do something stupid and make it explode. Anyway it's a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1.8GHz which is decent I suppose
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