best gaming display 19 inch or higher


i am kinda new to this forum
and i am planning to buy a new setup for ut3 and other games
ut3 is fps so i need a fast screen
i allready got alot of help from the new build section for other parts
but i wanna be sure about my screen

maeve suggested samsung 226 bw screen or an equivalent in Lg
i want a 19 inch or higher - with high performance :)

is this a really good choice for a gaming display ?

anyone that can give me some advice ?

thx alot in advance :)
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  1. That samsung model is regarded as one of the best of the 22" monitors. The only problem is that it is manufactured in 4 different types (S,A,B,C I think), some of which are better.

    If you are not planning to use the monitor to view movies or high quality images, the 22" are great for games because of the panels that nearly all 22" have. These panels have less color accuracy than their 20" and 24" counterparts, but they have much lower response time. The response time quoted for almost all 22" is 2ms grey to grey. While the 20" and 24" models have slightly higher response times, you may not even notice the difference and they will have better color accuracy.

    Color accuracy is not very important in gaming because nearly all monitors are accurate enough to produce colors suitable for games. It is only when you are looking at high resolution images and movies that color accuracy becomes a significant problem.

    If you are not going to watch movies on the monitor I would say go with a 22". Also, if money is an issue, go with 22" as they are a lot cheaper than the 24" and about the same price as the 20". For more info, check out the LCD/Flat Panel forum under Consumer Electronics.
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