Will 1.9v memory sticks work in a 1.8v board?

I own a GIGABYTE's 946GM-DS2 (revision 2) mainboard with its BIOS updated to F3. Mainboard manual says it supports DDR2 1.8v 400/533/667 MHz memory modules.

I want to install a pair of CORSAIR or PATRIOT's 800Mhz Bus 2x1GB sticks. Problem is them sticks say 1.9v on them and I want to know if I can make them work in my 1.8v supported mainboard. THERE IS NO voltage control for the memory btw!

So will these 1.9v sticks operate properly in my 1.8v supported board by clocking down the bus to 533/667 Mhz temporarily or changing the timing of 4-4-4-12 to 5-5-5-15, etc? Or the board will automatically decrease its timings, bus speed, etc to work at 1.8v? Please advise!
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  1. As long as it is DDR2, which at 800MHz it would be, it will run on that board. It is probably rated at 1.9v because of them timings... it needs more than stock voltage to run those timings/speed. Go into your BIOS and up it to 1.9v.
  2. Its a Gigabyte!
    Did you try the ol' Ctrl+F1 trick on the BIOS screen?
  3. Ya I knw abt the CTRL+F1...I tried it and it only unlocks the DDR2 timing page and as i said already there are no options for changing the memory voltage :(
  4. There are no guarantees that 1.9v memory will work stable at 1.8v. It "probably" will but, personally I would not buy based on probably. I'd check the Corsair Memory Configurator or check with the maker of the other brand you are selecting from. Select memory that will run rated settings at 1.8v.

    Memory Configurator: http://www.corsairmemory.com/
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