Need advice on a PSU purchase (related to a 2900xt)

Hi, I am planning on geting a HD 2900HD gpu, and I need a new psu, and was wondering if I ould receive advice regarding a PSU, currently the other hardware installed is:
- E6600 cpu
- Ausu P5W DH Deluce motherboard
- 2 GB of ram (corsair xms 2 800)
- 1x dvd drive
- 1x dvd-RW drive
- 1x SATA II Hard drive
- 7x 80mm fans
- possibly a IDE hard drive as a backup drive(but later on)
- and soon the HD 2900xt gpu

I am undecided betwean a 650W and 700W PSU
the 700W psu is this one:

and I just realized that the 650W psu does not have a 8 pin connection that this card requires, so now i guess my question is is teh 700W Thermaltake ToughPower an overkill or not(since i want to use it also for my next dx11(or what not) gpu. I just see no reazong to spend more $$ if I do not need such as strong psu, but then again I dont want to be left with an inadequate psu for my next build(same PSU)

Thank You for all comments.
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  1. PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W Quad PSU - CrossFire Edition!!!
    And another review here: ==

    Apparently that PSU is bada$$ for any build you do rather it be for single or SLI/Crossfire configurations. Its just an all around great deal at $199! I paid ~$250 for my Seasonic M12 700w PSU so this PCP&C (made by Seasonic) is one of the best deals you can get. BTW, I highly recommend you get a 750+ watt PSU just for the amps it puts out. You got a power hungry system like mine.
  2. hi, just had teh 2900xt and the psu shipped out about 2 hours ago, so i guess i cant do anythign now ;), but im not intending to use xfire, so the psu should be sufficient, thx 4 the links
  3. How much did you pay for the PSU you got?
  4. the 700w thermaltake should do fine
  5. wingless said:
    How much did you pay for the PSU you got?

    Its a thermaltake Youghpower 700W I payd for it$169.99, and if im not mistaken there was also a $25 mail in rebate, but i never really count those, since most of the time I need to cut out the bar code, which i need anyways for the waranty :(, I got it at newegg. I did quite a bit of research on it, and i guess it was teh best 8 pin + 2 6 pin psu, with active pfc, and a 140mm fan, and it had loads of safety certifications, also in many reviews it stated that in idle, as well as under load it had the same constant vatage all the time, not even deviating from the original values by 0.01, so i think it should serve me well.
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