Save as button missing windows excel

save as button missing in excel after update

before you jump on my head I HAVE THE SAVE BUTTON

i have been through every menu including customise toolbar

how do i get back the " save as " button ???
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  1. This from the regular File menu? Does it have the "show more icons" arrows at the bottom? Try clicking that if it's there.
  2. solved

    no there is not a " save as " button in the add more icons menu

    but what i didnt realise is that now there is a drop down menu if you click on the round orange coloured circle in the top left corner

    i had been clicking everything else but that little orange circle thing

    surprising how common that is

  3. Ah yea, in 2007 and 2010 that ball is basically the main file menu. Just to confuse people who were used to the last 10 versions of office.
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