Intel OR AMD Which is better?

I am debating between 2 notebooks. There is an AMD Turion 64x2 notebook with 2GB RAM which has NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) graphics card and the other one is an Intel Core 2 duo notebook with 2GB RAM which has Intel Media Accelerator 950 graphics card. AMD is $100 less than the Intel. All the other features are similar. Which is better? Please advice.
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  1. Ugly. Given that neither is a gamer, I'd probably decide based on things like battery life and keyboard size/feel, possibly on pre-installed software (including subtracting for bloat), weight, durability (if needed for travel).
  2. From most tests I've seen, the Intel Core 2 Duo's tend to give better battery life as well as general performance while the Go 6150 is a bit better in regards to graphics.

    I suspect both would be fine for just basic home office tasks so you may want to go for the cheaper one.

    But without knowing use it is hard to say.

    Price? Batter Life? CPU Power? Gaming Power (Least bad in this case)?
  3. if for gaming choose amd if for office intel that's simple ryt?!
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