Looking for a free/cheap burning app to play on DVDs

Hi, im looking for a free/cheap burning dvd so it can play on any dvd player out there... any suggestions?
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  1. thanks! gonna try this after i got home.... anyway hows the burn movie? does it support almost all types of files? including AVI, MKV or mp4??
  2. Are you wanting to author a dvd?
  3. yes. the one you mentioned is for cd only
  4. Ashampoo will write cd/dvd/and blue ray. It will only rip audio. If you want a playable dvd without having an image to start from then you need a tool that will let you build the dvd image so that it may be burned. Ripping is a tad trickier, and the legality of such is a grey area.

    I haven't personally used any authoring programs, so I don't know which ones are good. Here is a list of some: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DVD_authoring_applications
  5. shuin_exe said:
    yes. the one you mentioned is for cd only

    Hi there, use this as they are most popular apps : ) And free...


  6. thanks gonna try this :D
  7. Try out, its free : ))
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