Tuniq Tower 120/GA-P35C-DS3R – An EXTREMELY tight fit! Advice needed.

Tuniq Tower 120/GA-P35C-DS3R – An EXTREMELY tight fit! Advice needed.

I’d appreciate some opinions on this. The heatsink plate presses up against the capacitors which doesn’t prevent the screws from being tightened but the heatsink plate does touch the capacitors to the point of slightly pushing up against them—yes, very slightly pushing. I can see them move when I tighten the screws.

See here:

(I can't get the long link to work)

What am I supposed to do about this? The heat from the plate can’t be good for the capacitors, right? And as I said, it’s so tight against them I can see them move when tightening the tower down.

Should I sand the plate back about 1/8”-3/16” at an angle since it’s only touching on the bottom? Seriously, I could use some advice as this is holding up my build.

If I do this can I test the Tuniq first to make sure it works before voiding the warranty?

Note: I haven’t used any thermal compound yet since I was pre-checking the fit first.

Thank you for any advice you’re able to provide. I'm at a stand-still right now; not sure the best route to take.
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  1. Surely someone has thoughts on this. Can anyone at least tell me if I have a legitimate concern? Anyone?
  2. Bump for answer, I'm interested in getting both the P35C and the Tuniq 120.
  3. I've had this same problem in the past at one point. I think it was an old P4 3.0GHz setup with an ASUS board.. can't remember.

    I would say VERY CAREFULLY bend the capacitors a little bit out of the way, as long as they don't feel to frail.

    I swear I tried the H-plate and Tuniq turned 90 degrees and it wouldn’t work…I did-----really! I just took it off and thought this just can’t be right. They wouldn’t make these two components incompatible. The Tower may be too tall for certain cases but the heatsink plate designed to be compatible with a 775 board has to fit. Anyway, it does. I wanted to follow-up and post that there are no P35C/Tuniq Tower compatibility issues since my first post definitely suggested that there were.
  5. I have a ga-p35c-ds3r with a q6600 and 8800gts (see my story in the nvidia board). i got the same situation like u see in ure pic. OTher problem is that this thing weighs about 2 pound hanging off the mobo. my mobo is now dead. when i took it out one thing i noticed is that the heatsink had slipped out of the H plate central slot. dont know how that happened, but all 4 screws were well in. and now the mobo is in a constant reboot loop. dont know what the hell went wrong.
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