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I have a SSD that only has windows 7 on it, all of my other programs (Office, photoshop, winamp...) are on a different HDD. I had to reformat/reinstall windows 7 on my sdd and now I am unable to run Office from my HDD. Most of my other programs (winamp, vlc, games) will run fine from my hdd when i open the exe files, but when I click on excel or word it gives me an error saying the operating system is not configured to run this application. Any thoughts or do I have to reinstall office.

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  1. If you reinstall Windows then you have to reinstall most programs. Office is one of them. It doesn't take long.
  2. Thanks, just was wondering if there was another way
  3. If the program needs registry keys and user specific files, it will almost always need a full re-installation to work after a new OS installation. Plus any files the app placed in the Windows directory which for some apps is a lot. New .dll files for example.
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