Buying parts this weekend looking for any final advice

Hey I will be buying parts this weekend or early next week and was hoping for some advice on this build.

I have enough for this build, but any money saved would be nice. I will be getting a new graphics card next summer and read somewhere that they will need a new power supply for PCI-E 2, if this is the case is there a better supply I could get to run the cards or will this one be OK? Also I will go to a local store to make sure that the monitor is acceptable but any advice on monitors in the $200-300 would be appreciated.
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  1. This Super Talent kit has better timings, I'd easily pick it instead:

    Res t looks superb, you can downgrade to Corsair 520HX but that's not necessary.

    Nice build.
  2. Looks good to me.

    If you want to shave a little $$$ off, then you might want to consider the Corsair 520HX instead of the 620HX which will still allow you to upgrade to the 2900XT or 8800GTX later on.
  3. UPDATE!!!

    Buy the Corsiar 620HX at for $117 after the $30 rebate. Free shipping.
  4. tnx for the help
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