Boost up E6600 for Windows XP

well..after a mother board change (ASUS P5K Deluxe + WiFi AP),a RAM change (3GB DDR2 633Mhz NOW) and a PU change i've got my E6600 finally working!!..

But i've heard that the Intel's new E6600 Intel Core2Duo CPU doesn't takes full advantage of the XP SO..

I've seen on a magazine that and it says that i should have 2 Windows Update Updates..but i dunno if i've already have 'em or not...then i have to go to a registry (it shown it's location) to change a registry called "Throttle"...but i can't find it!

Anyone knows how to boost the hell out my E6600's potential for Windows XP?...

No OverClocking...just more speed with E6600's 2,4Ghz
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  1. what are you talking about doesnt take advantage of XP? what magazine was this and what article?

    cpu's are not dependant on operating systems. there are no cpu's made for vista or xp or even mac osx.
  2. There's a spanish magazine that says that if you wanna optimize the use of a Core2Duo on Windows XP i have to download one or two updates from Microsoft,then go to the registry and write some values...if not the C2D acts like if it was a 3Ghz Pentium D...

    Is there a solution?
  3. Ummm.... Never heard of that. Is it a reliable and well known computer magazine? They could simply be spreading FUD.
  4. it's on english forums too,check it out..

    here's an example:
  5. Since the links leads directly to Microsoft's site I would say it's legitimate. However, the fix is not be guaranteed to improvement performance because you may not be experiencing any performance issues.
  6. On an installation of Windows XP or one of it services pack I would expect it to pick up a multi-core processor and configure these settings itself. As most notebook manufacturers install from a pre-installed image these setting may not be configured properly.

    I can't check my machines registry or boot.ini as I am not at home but I do know task manager shows the right amount of cores and uses them.
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