BSOD with 64bit Vista

I am having problems with my brand new computer. I am running windows vista 64 bit. When I open most windows programs I get a BSOD. I also installed fear demo and it crashed also. Pretty much the only thing I can play with is nero and Internet explorer.

This is my sys specs.

Pentium D 925
2X 1 Crucial Memory
Abit IP35-E
WD 250gb SATA 3.0g
8800 gts 320mb XFX XXX

I took out the TV tuner to see if that would make a dif and it didn't
I unpluged the SATA DVD player and no difference
I am thinking that my problem is the 8800 GTS.
The Pentium D is just a cheap processor to hold me till the quad core prices fall again lol.

Any help would be greatly valued.

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  1. Bad drivers?
    Bad memory? chech using memtest86
    after this gets tricky...

    Check your PC with memtest86+ and Prime95 would be also good.
    Then report here after that.
  2. What PSU are you using? Those Pentiums spit more fire than the quads.
  3. Make sure you've gotten all the Vista updates. There are several once you get it all installed.

    I'm running Vista 64 with no problems.
  4. I ran cpu-z and i am not getting a very steady clock it goes from 2500mhz to 3060 mhz while cpuz is running i have a 3.33g celeron and the clock stays almost exactly the same. I don't know if this could be much of a problem or not. I couldn't install that memory test on in windows i am going to try and get a linux on the other hard drive and install it on there a test it. All drivers and updates are the latest. I have a 500W power supply from Rosewill.

  5. Oh and fedora ran great on my PATA hard drive. Beryl wouldn't run though so thats why I deleted it. I am going to try pclinuxos but i dunno if it will work. I tried installing Sabayon 3.4 and it would get halfway and stop but I figure that happened because of drivers.

    Thanks again,
  6. dont overclocking anything if that is the case.
  7. I have not overclocked anything all stock. The memory passed the test. Man that test takes forever.

  8. What model is the roswell>? check your voltages in cpu-z Some of Roswells power supplys arent exactly high quality. I'd recommend getting a quality PS.
  9. In Vista check the Reliability monitor it should tell what caused the crashed. It's located in the control panel under Performance information. Go to the Advanced tools select open reliability and performance monitor.
  10. Vista is new and known for causing lots of instability especially with older components. Check drivers but It might be your hardware in the first place.
  11. all it says is os quit working. I just flashed the bios and cleared the cmos and at the begining the boot screen say cpu unworkable or has been changed (which made me remember it did this the very first time i started it), and then on about the 3rd boot I got a checksum error.

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