Need help picking between two holdover cards!

I currently have an old Nvidia 6800GT.
I'm trying to pick between a BFG 7950 gt 256mb for $150 and a Sapphire x1950xt 256mb for $170.

I don't have Vista, and I don't plan on buying it anytime soon, so buying a DX10 card for the sake of it having DX10 doesn't matter to me. But I do realize that my current card is getting old and I was hoping to buy a better card for DX9 gaming.

Help plz?
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  1. hey i was in the same boat as you just a couple of weeks ago and i decided to go with the sapphire x1950xt 256 mb card. it's a very nice card. if you don't care about silence cuz it's a bit loud at full tilt but price/performance is incredible. hth
  2. Use these charts and help yourself. Basically it's a toss up. Go with whatever card your system will handle best. Make sure your PSU is strong enough for those cards; 30 amps on the +12v rails for the X1950XT and 22amps for the 7950GT.
  3. I have a 520W OCZ PSU, think that will be good enough?
    Ah, found the PSU here: (
    It says on the +12V it has 28A.
    Not good enough?
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