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q6600 system rebuild

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August 2, 2007 4:56:57 AM

I'd first like to thank whoever is reading this for taking the time and hopefully helping me make my decisions.
I'm planning a rebuild in the next for weeks. I've been upgrading and building pc's for years but this is by far the most i've spend at any given time on on upgrade, normally it's just dribs and drabs as i can afford it.
Here's what i have in mind at the moment;

ASUS P5K-iP35 M/board - P35, 1333MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-1066, PCI Express x16, SATA II RAID, Gigabit LAN, 8-Ch Audio, ATX

Intel® Core 2 Quadro™ Q6600 2.4G LGA775 2x4M 1066 FSB XD EM64T EIST VT

Inno3D (PCI Express) GF 8800GTS Overclocked 640MB 320-bit DDR3, Dual DVI, HDTV, PCI Express X16 interface, Fan, 570MHz Core Clock, 1800MHz Memory Clock

GeiL (DDR2) DDRII Ultra 800 Dual Channel 2x1Gb Heat Spreader Hand Picked Ultra Low Latency 4-4-4-12

I'm also getting hard drives, dvd burner, and other bits and pieces but it's what i've listed that i really need assistance with.

I opted for the q6600 simply for price and future games/programs that may take advantage of 4 cores. i'm a full time graphic designer as well, so i am generally running programs like photoshop, after effects, and 3ds max. I've also heard some good stuff about overclocking this cpu.

the 8800gts seemed reasonably priced compared to others and fairly good performance-wise.

ram is cheap, but still seems decent. we generally always use geil when i'm building systems at work and we've had no trouble. but i may swap it out for 2gb of corsair or something if i think it will benefit the system.

the motherboard is what i'm stumped about, i want something that is a good overclocker down the track, and i was considering a Gigabyte (GA-P35-DS3R). but reviews pointed out that it's not an easy overclocker, it has the power and capacity but for an overclocking amature such as myself, i dont want to risk damage. has anyone had any experience with these boards, or have any thoughts about the system in general?

I was hoping to keep my current case and psu; antec 1080b server case (i think) and antec truepower 480 watt psu. will i have any obvious trouble with my current psu with the new system? i've been reading that people are now running 600+ watt psu's. is this necessary?

Thanks to anyone that might be able to advise me, since it's alot of money i kind of want to make sure i'm not missing something ;) 


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August 2, 2007 6:00:44 AM

Looks very well mate , well P35 DS3R is a very good OCer , but ASUS P5K is also very good

also , if u want DDR2 and DDR3 , u can get ASUS P5KC or P35C DS3R

*** for PSU , if i were u i would get something higher than 480wat
August 2, 2007 8:30:29 AM

Thanks mate.
I'm not too worried about upgrading to ddr 3 anytime soon, by the time i want to do that i will probably just upgrade my mobo and cpu again anyway.

Can you recommend a good, fairly cheap psu? i was thinking of something like this;
any thoughts? suggestions?

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August 2, 2007 9:01:29 AM

looks good
August 2, 2007 11:45:58 AM

Thankyou both Maziar and Zorg.
I've looked over that psu reference but still haven't decided on a psu yet. but it looks like i'm almost set to go :D