Could use some help narrowing down 'controller error on IdePort1'

Hi :)

Lately I've been having an intermittent, nondestructive but seriously annoying issue with my HD. I'm going to get this fixed under warranty, which unfortunately means I can't open the case; also I don't have any old computers lying around to pillage.

Aaanyway... Every once in a while during HD activity, the tasks currently accessing the disk freeze up for about 30 seconds. This corresponds with an atapi error 11: controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1.

The HD shows no damage after a full scandisk. A memory check finds no problems either. After some research, I learned that this problem may be caused by a faulty IDE cable, HD or motherboard (or improper termination, jumpers, wrong bios settings etc. which are not the case because the problem only recently started). So far, so good...

...but! The odd thing is that when I had this repaired the first time under warranty, the store replaced the CPU (?!) and this actually fixed the problem for a few months. Now it started again.

I'm not sure what kind of defective IDE cable or motherboard would suddenly fix itself when the processor is swapped out, then breaks again a few months later...

Any other suggestions? :(

Vista Home Premium 64bit
Asrock Conroe 945G motherboard
Western Digital 200 GB SATA (WD2000JS-00SGB0)
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  1. Well since you can't open the case or swap parts it will be pretty hard to pinpoint 100%, but I had the same error message on a laptop I was working on and it indicated a failing hard drive. Replaced the hard drive and everything has been fine for over a year now. This was actually a relief to the individual that the ide controller itself wasn't bad, because a faulty motherboard usually spells disaster for a laptop not under warranty. I can't imagine why this could be a cpu issue, but if you would like to test it you should download a program called Prime95 and let it run on the torture test for at least an hour to check for errors.
  2. CPU seems fine. (No surprise there)

    I'm inclined to say the HD or motherboard is the problem as well, but the odd thing is that when the store replaced the CPU (for whatever reason), that fixed it for two months.

    Anyone had a similar experience?
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