Need serious LCD help for my build! Please help!

Over the last month I've built what I have. Love just about everything and it has gone great so far. However, as a final touch it was time to upgrade my CRT to a new and bigger widescreen LCD.
Despite only looking for one, I've tried out 4 in the last week, liking none of them! Out of 4 different brands of 22" screens, the latest being the highly acclaimed Samsung 216bw (which does have the "S" panel) that I paid a pretty penny for, they all have one issue that is driving me nuts.

They all have uneven brightness! All of them. I'm beginning to think that I could buy the most expensive 22" LCD out there and still have the same problem.
What I'm talking about is how the bottom half of the screen of brighter/lighter than the top half. I've tried every view and height, it isn't that.
In fact, to prove it has nothing to do with lighting or viewing angle, I turned my 216bw upside-down. Then the top half was lighter/brighter than the bottom half.

What is so difficult about making the screen the same brightness/saturation from top to bottom? It really drives me nuts when I'm looking at text. Just simple black text. At the top of the screen it is black, at the bottom it is light grey, or even damn near white.
Given this has happened with 4 different LCD's now, I know it isn't some bad luck or anything.

And yes, with my 216bw it is hooked up with the DVI and I played around with all the calibration programs. And all that works fine, but it still doesn't change the brightness difference from top to bottom.

Somebody please either tell me of a LCD that doesn't have this problem, I don't care if I pay $100 more than I did for the Samsung, but I just can't deal with this problem and despite all I read about LCD's, it is so weird that I never heard about this issue.
Do the good Dell LCD's have this problem?

Lastly, one thing could fix all of this. With all of these calibration programs and all the stuff my graphics card drivers can do with the picture, isn't there some kind of software out there that can saturate the screen in a gradient from top to bottom?
Basically somehow just adjust the color on the bottom part of the screen, but of course have the effectiveness of it gradually fade toward the top to even things out.
It should be possible. I can get the bottom of the screen to look how I want, if only I can do it without affecting the top half.
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  1. I have never noticed this with my monitor until you just brought it up. thnx! maybe you're just picky.
  2. Sorry, didn't mean to spoil your fun. You really wouldn't notice it at first perhaps.
    I really want to return my 216bw to newegg for another one, but I think chances are I will get the exact same result, again. At least this one I have has no dead pixels and is good otherwise.

    I don't think I'm picky. It is something I could live with and maybe get used to, but it is just so obvious to me.
    But remember, I've used nothing but a CRT my whole life. Never even sat in front of an LCD monitor before in my life until this past week or two.
    Maybe that is why it sticks out to me, I'm used to CRT.

    If I try another LCD, I was at my local walmart and saw a HP 20" for like $230 or something. But it was different from all the others I tried because it had a hard plastic like screen, not like your normal LCD which seem thinner and softer. You could tell it was a thicker hard plastic because of the glare coming off of it.
    Unfortunately they do have it on display but its not hooked up. Still, I can try it and if I don't like it I'll do yet another return.
    Anybody have an LCD with this type of screen?

    I took a screenshot of my LCD with the bottom fade, looked at it on my CRT and it looked perfect, and different.
    This is bad news for me, I do photoshop work a lot. And thousands of people look at my photoshop graphics. If I use my LCD, then the colors and picture I see might be totally different than what I see.
    I realize LCD's aren't best for photoshop, but I game a lot too. Still, some people with certain LCD's (I don't know which ones) say photoshop work turns out OK.

    I hope somebody has a solution to this, or at least one that will minimize this effect, no luck here. I find it hard to believe that something like this doesn't bother all these hardcore gamers here. I wish I could somehow compare how bad my fade is with others, but obviously screenshots won't work, only taking a picture might work. I kind of wouldn't mind just sticking with my 19" CRT, but flickering is getting bad at higher refresh rates. Strangely, it is much better at 60hz than like 75hz, then best is 100hz, but I can't do 100hz at 1600x1200.
  3. I have 2 Samsungs....22" 226bw and a 19" 930bf and have no problems with either monitor. For me i learnt a long time ago with Samsung to throw the disc that came with the monitor in the bin and have achieved a perfect picture with both monitors using the default windows drivers and not making any adjustments to the monitor at all.
    Lucky me i guess
    Good luck in your hunt for perfection
  4. Don't know much about your 930bf, but I do know that the 226bw is at least a slightly better monitor than the 216bw if you have the S panel. Otherwise, although resonse time is better picture should be similar, and has reportedly been very similar.

    The other 3 monitors, aside from the samsung, that I tried were not as praised a brand as samsung, they just don't look like they were made with the same overall quality.
    Perhaps this issue is to be somewhat expected with those, even though I paid quite a bit for each, in fact just as much if not more than I paid for the samsung, but that doesn't always mean quality as I know and have again found out.

    I'm wondering if maybe I did just get a bad 216bw. Perhaps they made the panel too tight on the top or on the bottom causing the uneven brightness.
    Out of all the monitors I never had a problem with the uneven brightness on the far sides, only top and bottom.

    While you may think I'm just being picky, I don't think I am. This thing is just so obvious at this point. Another example that sticks out is I watched a widescreen movie last night on it, still a good amount of black space on the top and bottom of the movie.
    The bottom black bar was kind of like a grey-ish purple, definitely some whiteness in it.
    The top black bar above the movie was beautiful black, damn near CRT black.

    I am thinking that the bottom portion should look like the top portion on an undefective samsung. Am I right? If I put that bottom black color sample in photoshop vs the top black sample, the difference in RGB numbers would be astounding. Too bad I can't capture those colors aside from taking a picture, which I still might try.

    I'm actually getting this urse to take like a squeegee and put pressure on the top of the screen and drag some of that dark color down toward the bottom.
    I know that isn't going to work, but if I could somehow push and spread some of the darkness from the top portion down, that might even things out. I've heard of people wiping and putting pressure on the screen to fix backlight bleeding.
    And I'm wondering if my problem isn't just a case of huge backlight bleeding taking up the entire top or bottom portion of the screen.

    Sadly, while I will call samsung and either get a replacement or sell the one I have, I did order what should definitely be a better LCD.
    I ordered the highly acclaimed LG-L226WTY (same as WTQ model, apparently).
    It is 22", has a 2ms response time yet still has very good picture. From what I hear this could be the best TFT LCD you can buy at 22" for those who want a good all purpose monitor but still value gaming.

    Even so, if anybody possibly knows any kind of fix for the Samsung or this whole uneven issue, it would still be very appreciated. The LG will be here tomorrow, and I'm once again excited, I just hope I'm not let down.
    While Samsung is good, lately I am hearing that their stuff isn't quite as good as it used to be.

    And given the 216bw samsung can be bought many places for $249, maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe it isn't worth more than that, or as much as that.
    Meanwhile, luckily, Newegg has the LG for $349, which is as good a price as you will likely find for it. Especially for me since I don't have to pay tax with newegg but do elsewhere.

    So there it is. I hope to still salvage the samsung, but with the LG, I know I'm getting a really good panel and know exactly what it is. And I'm kind of glad I'm paying $100 more for it because if people are paying $350+ for this monitor and giving it 5 star reviews, it must be good. It definitely seems like it is an overall better quality than the samsung, slightly larger, and the 2ms response time should rock.
    I'm not looking for perfection, just something good enough that its flaws aren't always sticking out like a sore thumb.
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