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Preinstalled xp reboot dell desktop

Hello, I have a Dell desktop pc given to me that I want to reboot to the factory settings to get the previous owner's crap off of it.
However, after putting in the XP disk and starting up the computer I am not getting the "hit any key to reboot from cd" message I expected. (from what I've been reading maybe this is because XP was preinstalled???) in any case I can hit F4 or F12 and am given options, but don't know the right way to reboot from here. I can easily follow instructions if someone can give them to me. Thank you in advance.

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    Maybe the Dell has a hidden Restore partition. Try hitting Ctrl F11 after the Dell BIOS splash screen. If not, hit F12 at the BIOS splash screen to boot from the CD.
  2. grumpys right you probably dont need the disc my old dell had a restore image !
  3. Yes, F11 does the trick. Thank you both for your replies!

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