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C/C++ Compiler for Win7

I wanted a compiler for C/C++ that will allow me to include graphics.h. The older versions like Borland and Turbo dont run in full screen mode.
I have a newer version of Borland but it doesnt support graphics.h .
Plz help.
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    Visual Studio 2010 express edition should work just fine....
  2. well, I need it to run programs based on Bresenham's algorithms, DDA and others. Will it support??
  3. It depends on what graphics.h you mean. Where are you getting the graphics.h from? It will need to be paired with the correct library also.
  4. #include<graphics.h> so as to use initgraph() and be able to draw line and stuff usign algorithms :)
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    I think you miss-understood what I meant. After a little digging it looks like graphics.h and initgraph are from a strictly dos/turbo c library.

    Your problem is very much linked to the fact that dos has changed. You can either program in a dos emulator, or find a new graphics library to use when you are programming.

    You might take a look at SDL to see if it does what you need it to.

    Then you will be able to use any compiler, any OS, and quite a few languages.
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