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I am going to run my own email server for personal use. I am debating on which OS and server software I should run.

This naturally seems to be a linux sort of thing. I have historically had very, very bad experiences with linux. I have, however, found a server called iRedMail which is basically a wrapper for postfix, clamav, spam assassin, dovecot, and roundcube webmail. It doesn't install a firewall, but I'm looking at using shorewall. It installs pretty easily.

I am quite familiar with Windows, however, and have used a server called mailtraq.

My issue is that I am told linux will be more secure, but I know Windows a lot better. I find that I can get iRedMail running on a linux box, but I am pretty hard pressed to actually change anything. I don't know how I will ever administer this thing without understanding it and the documentation for postfix is, as is the usual with anything linux-related, arcane, poor, and intentionally cryptic.

I intend to keep my server behind my NAT if possible, so I can block any traffic not coming over a port used by email.

What do you all think? Whichever OS you recommend, list an edition / distribution and tell me why you think it's best.
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  1. Have you looked at MDaemon Free? It's for windows. I've never used the free version, but their pro version is very good.
  2. For Windows check out hmailserver:

    For Linux go with qmail.
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