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I have a problem with my boot sequence in my bios. I have a MSI P35 Platinum with updated bios (1.2). In the boot sequenece menu I can select my raid volume or a floppy drive (that i don't have) but my DVD Burner isn't in the choice so i can't boot on it. My DVD Burner is a Pioneer 212D. It's a Sata Burner. I installed Vista on with it previously and it worked great. I don't know why after the installation of Vista it disappear from the boot sequence. And in both Vista and XP (Dual Boot) the burner is working great. Thank you for you answer.
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  1. On my ASUS P35 board, there are 6 SATA headers connected to the ICH9R. ASUS notes that 2 of them cannot be set to be bootable. So, try putting your burner on a different SATA header and see if that helps.
  2. Thank you, I put it on the Marvell Sata Port and it work.
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