Best Low Profile PCI Express card for full HDTV experience?

Hi All

I have a low profile HTPC, I need a graphics card that will playback smooth 1080i/p out onto a 52plasma

It is a PCI Express 16 slot, and currently has a cheap and cheerful ati x300 card in place.

I need something that will run anything i throw at it, and not winge!

Many thanks for your help guys.
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  1. 2600pro 512mb. Would be good for you I should of thought.
  2. Or 8500GT?
  3. 8500gt is garbage. I have a 8600gt and its garbage too, but still faster than 2 8500gt's sli'd which makes 8500gt the absolute garbage.
  4. x1950XT- roughly $160 on Newegg last I checked.
  5. Guys, relax. He wants a card for an HTPC. The requirements, as I see them, are: 1. silent card to play HD. The 8500 GT is perfect for this. The x1950xt is not silent, and it doesn't support HD, so it fails on both criteria.

    If we're talking about a card for gaming, then yes, 8500 GT is garbage, 8600 GT is garbage, 8600 GT SLI is garbage, and frankly the 2600 Pro isn't that hot either. The X1950XT would be a great choice for gaming, sure, but that's not what he asked.
  6. Hmm, maybe I'm misunderstanding the OP? harvsingh, do you also want this card to play games? Which games? What resolution?
  7. This is old thread but let me try to revive it a bit.
    I have same issue. My goal is low profile card with component out able to handle HDTV resolutions. Gameplay is not a factor.
    You may think this sounds easy and on paper (specs) it is. However, my experience is that it is hard for these smaller cards.
    I tried a Powercolor HD 2400 and it pulled it off, sort of. It could not hold the resolutions for general pc use, ie; web surfing and such so I had to set the PC res to 800x600 which isn't exactly 6x9 and I had Media Center (Vista) set to change the res to 1080i when I opened it.
    This kind of worked but the top corners were collapsed a bit in media ctr when the movie was not filling the screen (full 16x9 rather than other resolutions)
    Also, the fan was loud and from time to time the pc would just lock. Not sure if it's the card but it didn't do it with the original card.
    I was using an s vid to component adapter I have from a 1600 pro that's hooked to a plasma through DVI. That card works perfectly and it also worked for the setup I'm describing but my research says the low pro version of this card is loud and problematic. I can put a quiet Zalman cooler in it but I'm hoping someone here has some experience with this issue. I'm sending back the HD 2400 and I'd like to get it right next time. NewEgg restocking fees aren't low.
  8. Well, I never heard of low pro 2600 or 8600 card. Lack of responses here tells me you guys may know generally about Vid cards but not low pro. Few choices there.
    Harvsingh, if you're still working on it, ATI released new driver for HD2400 which is solving some of my complaints. I know of no LP card that can handle 1080p, only 1080i. I tried the Leadtek PX7600 and it is weaker than the HD 2400 for my purposes. It could only put out 480p for media ctr. I ended up repurchasing the 2400 and with the new driver I'm OK with it. I think my expectations are more realistic after working at this and I haven't found anything better.
    You may be able to use this or the GeForce I mentioned for a plasma. I'd still go with the 2400 since you want it for HDTV use.
  9. to the op: 8400gs will be the best bet for u as it is cheap, silent and perfect for hd playback.
  10. I think the Nvidia 8600 GT/S and ATI 2600 XT are the best cards for this but if you go for anything else, the OP should make sure the card is HDCP compliant. Some 7600 GT cards are as well as others. Go to this site for that info:

    Since, you want whatever X card, it's convenient to know you have HDCP support in case you want/need it. I want Linux versatility as well as using card in XP so I am totally undecided on which card and which make (ATI or Nvidia). The 2400 and 8500 seem like cards that are capable of HD video but too weak overall. I'd get something a bit more powerful.
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