Avsdk5 what is it can i delete it?

what is it?
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  1. need help?? how do i dellete it?
  2. Quote:
    Look in "my computer"
    Click "add remove software"
    Look on the list, is avs on the list?
    If it's on the list, you can delete it (?)

    ok it does not want to delete??
  3. Do you have Iolo's System Mechanic Pro installed?

    I learned that the anti-virus application bundled with SMP 9 is called Authentium. Iolo's instructions for a "complete removal" of SMP includes using a program called Windows Installer Clean Up to scrub your hard drive of any residual files. Until I deleted AVSDK5 using the the Windows Installer Clean Up I could not re-install SMP 9.

    Once I deleted AVSDK5 the re-install went smoothly. Upon re-installing SMP 0 the AVSDK5 product was back on my machine.
  4. Here is the manual way to delete it...

    Delete the following registry entries:







    Remove the service from an elevated command prompt:

    sc delete "vseamps"

    Delete the application folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Authentium


    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Authentium
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