atx micro cases good?

Hi all and i hope you all can help;
well i am getting my rig in the US

gpu =
Motherboard =
powersupply =
CPU e4400 or e6750 (depending if my uncle will be nice a give me a bit extra)

Bu i need to take this all back to the UK; and i may set it up in US take it like that or put it back it box not sure yet; so shall i take like $130 back and hopefully find a good case and psu for 65 quid or shall i b) go for the atx micro?

if you decide i should just take $65 back anyway could you still suggest a good atx micro (uncle may other pay for it himself just incase :D
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  1. When I was considering a build I looked at and really like the Thermaltake Lanbox Lite. Looks really nice and has the space for an 8800.

    Keep in mind with the mATX cases you a) need an mATX motherboard and b) look at modular power supplies. There is very little space in mATX cases so the ability to remove the connectors you don't need will be a god-send. Look at models by either Seasonic(M12, I think) or Corsair (HX520 or 620), they are the same units just different names.
  2. cheers the case is good i take it as i should look for a mini case Physical Spec
    Dimensions 17.0'' x 11.8'' x 9.1'' that would mean i could fit an 8800. Although i see what that can fit the mother board i am getting so i may go for that and then ill have to update case in future.

    What about a mid tower case will that be able to go ionto a plan lol? i wouldnt be sure but i doubt it another cool thing is maybe i could look for future coming mini cases to see if they could make one with enough spaces for 8800 gts aswell as my nice MOBO.
  3. Small cases = no room and more heat. If you don't have to for space concerns don't do it. Get a mid tower case. Check the dimensions, you should be able to get it checked onto a plane. Although they tend to be a little rough on bagage/boxes.
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