2x1GB vs 4x512MB

I'm currently creating the spec. for a computer that I'm going to build for myself, and I am looking at having 2GB of RAM. Is there any big disadvantage of having 4x512MB, rather than 2x1GB? Because I can get faster, better and cheaper memory in the 4x512 format, or is it worth spending it a little more to get slower memory just because it will be 2x1GB?

Hope this makes sense, if you want to see the 2 choices of memory I have then just say so, and I will post the links.
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  1. go 2x1GB... It is easier to adjust to tighter timings, and overclock. It's also easier to add more RAM in the future because you'll still have open DIMMs...

    If none of that matters to you, then float your boat and get the faster RAM. Who makes it, and lets see specs?
  2. If your mind is made up on 1 of those 2, then you probably would be better off going with the GEIL RAM.
  3. Well I haven't exactly got a large amount to spend on RAM. £60 is my utter maximum, around £50-£55 is best. And I'm wanting 2GB, and from what I could find on that website, those are the best options. If you could have a quick look on there for any sets of RAM for that price that would be better than either of those then I would be appreciative.
  4. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-095-CS&groupid=701&a mp;catid=8&subcat=144

    Idk if you want too but its just a tincy winsy £3 over your maximum.

    Not only do they have heat spreaders but very low latency and are PC2-5400, rahter then 5300. Generally better.

    Definatly worth the extra £3.
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