I have a ASUS X1900XT 512 MB & I still can't play BF2 maxed out.

These are my specs for my PC:

I have a Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 with a ABIT motherboard.
2 gigz of RAM
ASUS X1900XT 512 RAM

ANd i could put everything in BF2 graphics on high but for the Anti- Aliasing I could only set it to 4X. Also the resolution is set to bout 70% in regards to how high it can go. If I up the anti-Aliasing to 6X and upped the Resolution I feel it lags a little so I keep it at about 70% high resolution and 4X anti aliasing. Isa this because of my video card? Or is this game so chip intensive that my CPU on my PC can't handle it?

Or could it be the server? or just me being a bit paranoid?
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  1. CPU probably... I had issues with my Athlon 64 3700/2GB RAM, x850XT.
    When I went to an FX-62, 2GB RAM, and the 1950XT I was fine.
    Now, I destroy FPS... lol.
  2. I'm shocked, it doesnt take much to run BF2 maxed out anymore. 4x AA isnt bad, in fact after 4x it doesnt make much difference in quality. How high is 70% of your res ? That matters too. i should say you would easily be able to run it maxxed at about 1280X1024 for certain. IF anything I would say the vid card needs an up grade, anything from x1950/7900gtx and up should do the trick for you.
  3. that makes no sense at all.. i know people with p4's and 6600 gt 256 mb who play maxed settings... so either you dont have the proper drivers or something else is seriously wrong with your pc lol
  4. My mate who's a BF2 nut was running it maxed out on a 3800x2 939 rig with a 7900GTO, so I don't think it's your CPU don't know about your card though Ati's are not my strong point.
  5. He might be running beta drivers from 2002 ?? = P
  6. update your drivers , it may be fine , dont u have this kind of problems with other games?
  7. Yeah, I'd say what others have said, What res are you running at? Do you have current video drivers?

    Also, 6x AA doesn't look much better than 4x (I can't even see a difference) but you do lose a some performance going to 6x AA, so 4x is probably the best option there.

    My X1950XT can run BF2 maxed and 4x AA at 1280x1024 and i get between 80 and 100 Frames a second (but I keep vsync on and locked at 60 frames to eliminate screen tearing; those extra frames get dropped either way so might as well make it look nice ;))

    Your X1900XT should be able to get close to my card, at the very least you should be able get 60 FPS.

    You may want to scan for viruses just to be sure nothings infected and/or eating all the system resources. And one more thing, Do you have anything running in the background while you play, maybe like Norton or some other Antivirus/Firewall? Norton will really lag BF2 until you go to the settings and allow BF2 to have full internet access and permissions.

    Hope this helps
  8. What resolution are you running at?
  9. ethel said:
    What resolution are you running at?

    I think that really is the crux of the matter, if its at 88888888888888x88888888888888998 I can understand it (well, I couldn't remember A really high res so I exaggerated)
  10. ethel said:
    What resolution are you running at?

    bingo... all else means nothing unless there is details on what "70% in regards to how hight it can go" means... also, "maxed out" means nothing. Just pushing sliders to the max in a game menu does not set everything. There are driver settings that some ppl set w/o knowing what they do... those can kill performance depending on what you set. i.e. if you set AA in the driver at 4x AND set it at 4x in the game... yikes. O.o

    The crux of so many problems is always in the little details. :sol:

    I run bf2 just fine on my 1900xt512... but my res/settings are different from the OP's...
  11. It was a long time ago when i played bf2 on my old x1900xt but I do remember that I had the same problem you did and it was caused from having the textures nutted. Just back that down one notch and everything will be fine and you will not see any difference. Once I did that the game looked and worked perfectly.
  12. what psu do you have?
  13. I remember when BF2 was first released back in 2003 or 2004.

    I had an Athlon xp2600 and a 9800pro...

    Running at 1024x768 and all maxed out I would get like 20-25fps...
  14. mito said:
    I remember when BF2 was first released back in 2003 or 2004.

    I had an Athlon xp2600 and a 9800pro...

    Running at 1024x768 and all maxed out I would get like 20-25fps...

    BF2 was released in late June 2005 :lol:
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