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recently upgraded from a x800gto2 to an EVGA 8800gts 640, but have been having real issues with Blue screens and strange game crashes. can play games for a while before they have weird texture crashes, but carry on running. have completely removed old drivers and using the forceware 162.18 drivers. anyone else having these problems or know of any solution.

power cooling etc. are all capable of the card.

any help would be most appreciated.
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  1. You sure you removed the old drivers? I don't mean just catalyst control center, I mean the display driver too. Second, could you please post your power supply just for reference? Not trying to insult your intelligence here, just want to be sure. Lastly, it could actually be the GPU if those other things are fine. Is there any way you can go test it in a friend's computer or something?
  2. hi,

    yeah removed all display drivers... with a driver remover tool, cant remember which one.

    my power supply is a Seasonic M12 600w.

    thats a good idea testing in another pc, will have to try that one.

    i really hope its not the GPU, altho EVGA have good warranties/returns? altho i dont particularly want to go down that route.
  3. If you are running vista; the drivers are the issue. The newer realeases of vista drivers have been so bad for me that I went back to xp. Go download the 158.45 driver (works perfectly) if you are on vista. If on xp, gl because the new xp drivers rock.
  4. Chances are that your PSU is being overloaded.
  5. I have been runing a BFG 8800GTS 640 OC for about 2 months in vista 32 and haven't had one driver issue. I can't remember what driver I was running, but just updated to the newest one a couple of days ago and haven't had a problem yet.

    From the symptoms, it sounds like a heat issue to me. Have you tried running with the side off you're case?
  6. kpmkieran said:
    any help would be most appreciated.

    Aha! So I'm not the only one who has an issue with an 8800 GTS 640! Mine also came from EVGA. In my case, the card seems to be ok, but the 8800 doesn't like to play nice with AMD K7 and K8 chips. Its described in the release notes that come with the drivers. If I try to use Ntune, for instance, my computer locks solid, requiring a restart. And yes, trying the 162.18 driver didn't help at all. It disgusts me becuase the 7800 GTX that formerly occupied the computer didn't cause any problems at all.

    As to your problem, it could be the Nvidia drivers or the psu doesn't have enough power. If its old, it may technically have enough power in wts, but has aged sufficiently to not deliver all that it claims. Other than that, a Seasonic 600wt should be fine, powerwise. I'd test the card in another computer, as has already been suggested. if it works there, then the card is probably good. If it s till causes trouble, then arrange for a RMA.
  7. His PSU should be more than enough. Only thing I noticed with the PSU is that it is a modular design. Are you sure you have all the cables seated properly? Also what OS are you running.

    Yes EVGA has good warranties. Still I recommend trying in a diff comp if you can, will tell you if it really is the GPU.
  8. Sorry guys I can't read. You're right his PSU should be more than enough, depending on other things in his system though.

    It could be a number of things really.

    Have you tried running Memtest overnight. I know it has nothing to do with your GPU but you might have sent some static to your ram during your install and it could mess with alot of other things too.

    You might also try using the 162.22 drivers instead.

    You could also try disabling WHQL driver enforcement if you're on Vista.
  9. i have that card as well and none of these issues. I am running the .45 drivers and they are fine in vista. Secondly make sure that the vid card is alone on one of the 12v rails and all other 12v components on the other, that cards sucks the juice.

  10. The 'one size fits all' 162.18 drivers gave nothing but grief with my 7900GT SLI setup although they did double the frame rates on the Lost Planet demo!
  11. hi,

    i am running XP PRO. just tried out 163.16 but to no avail. temperatures are all fine in ati tool and Everest, i have an antec P180 with plenty of fans, and all round after market heat sinks, etc, etc.

    shall be building another PC for a friend soon so will try it out in a new system.

    thanks for the help... maybe ill just have to rebuild...

  12. kpmkieran The 162.18 drivers were a real pain to remove from my system I had to go into the registry and delete them before I could get the 94.24 driver to work properly & I'm running XP Pro as well.
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