Trouble connecting to search engines from firefox.

I am having trouble accessing search engines from firefox. If I type the actual address (http://74.........) it works fine but if I type, Yahoo, msn, etc it always fails to connect. any ideas please?
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  1. I had similar troubles caused by too much (and probably low quality) Add-Ons. Try deactivating them and look if it gets better.

    You can eliminate the blameable Add-On by activating them one by one.
  2. it's not her addons defiinately, i think she has 3 total, 2 are java addons, one is a script blocker that i added for security, which i am using right now on my computer actually, but thanks
  3. Make sure any proxy's are turned off. Make sure your DNS is running properly. If you start a command prompt and type nslookup you should see the correct IP address for google. You might also want to check your hosts file and make sure there are no bogus entries in it.
  4. Proxies are off, DNS is running proper as far as I can tell. check host file??? how do i do that?
  5. In XP, it's in c:\windows\system32. Not sure where it's at in win7. It's ok to have additional entries in there as long as they point to valid names/ip's. You can always back it up and then put a default copy of the hosts file in place to see if it makes a difference.
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