Normal temp for my stock G0 Q6600 + Tuniq?

Hi I just finished my new system build yesterday and overall it's running flawlessly.

I do acknowledge however that I may have put too much AS5 on the CPU cause i'm not used to this new 'line' method. I really found it impossible to get the line across the cores as thin as the Arctic Silver site shows... It ended up quite thick.

Here's a pic to demonstrate the amount I put on

So does this look like way too much? Obviously it's not an exact representation of the amount I put on but it's close. I dunno how they expect you to get it as thin as a pen nib...

The main thing I need confirmation on though are the temps of my Q6600. Using Coretemp it reads on average 35, 33, 32, 33 (celcius) on idle. Don't know load yet.

So are the temps normal for a G0 Q6600 with my cooling? I coulda sworn I read somewhere the Tuniq Tower should have the temps in the 20's?...

I am itching to get OCing, but if I have to reseat the heatsink then I will hold off.

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  1. bump...

    And my temps are hitting 63C (on 1 core) at 3.0GHz, running 4 instances of prime95.
  2. Hi in my opinion your temp seems to be fine i have been running my Prime95 everything @ artic board say my CPU is at 50C-53C were as coretemp says its 68,66,68,66.....all at full load running over 6hrs...if your running Prime95 make sure its runs a full 24hrs (if you dont know)

    btw those temps you recorded were aftr hw many hours of running Prime95 ????
  3. Good news, thanks. Yeah I will be running it over night to be sure. Always do.

    'btw those temps you recorded were aftr hw many hours of running Prime95 ????'
    It reached the temps after about an hour through prime (all small ffts). This is at 3GHz remember. Not stock.

    Why do you ask?
  4. I want to know what CPU cooler you are using and how many fans you got in your case??? and approx. what the room temp where your PC is located............

    Because my temp according to board shows CPU Temp is at a constant 50C-53C and CoreTemp says its 68,66,68,66.....little changes (maxed 69C)...all at stock 2.4GHz.....

    If you dont mind could you tell me whats the VID for your Q6600 and whats Voltage for the CPU
  5. I'm using a Tuniq Tower 120. Just using the stock fans in my case + one 80mm fan zip-tied at the bottom of the case and blowing up toward the CPU area. I do have a very messy case though (ribbon wires everywhere). The usual ambient room temp around here in Ireland is about 20C average. I always like to open the windows though sometimes and turn my room into a freezer...

    My VID is 1.2875 and voltage is at stock (dunno exactly cause it reads different everywhere..) Coretemp reads 1.22 I think.

    I have just been told elsewhere by someone who owns a Tuniq that I should be getting better temps though...

    I could use some more opinions on that people. Please just simply look at the rough example in the pic and tell me if it's too much or not...
  6. the first ime i built a pc, i just bunged a shedload of as5 on, didnt know it was supposed to be uber thin o.o with a golden orb 2 cooler

    and with my e6700 oc'd to 3.3 ghz it wud idle at about 27... maybe i was lucky but just thought id let you know, i guess too much is better than too little, and if there is any bits on your HS/CPU that are uneven it will fill in te gaps nicely... probably not advisable but just my 2 cents...

    and when i put my quad core in, i am not going to put AS much, but still probably more than the super thin everyone suggests. Your temps are good IMO therefore i wouldnt worry..

  7. You should only need about a slightly less than a third of the length of that line, about the length and thickness of a grain of rice.
  8. Okay thanks guys. Just to report I did re-aply the the AS5. Lol wasnt pretty though! I was ready to do myself in I tell ya! Took me over 5 tries to get a decent application... I probably have the least steady hands of any system builder!

    Anyway so placed the Tuniq on taking extra care not to allow it to slide all over the place (happend once so took it off and started again!) and made sure to screw it down evenly...

    Not much of a temp difference at all but at least I now know I did everything right!

    Overclocked to a stable 3.3GHz now with 1.33v. Temps idle at around 38, 34, 36, 35 and reach no higher than 68C running prime.

    Would like to OC higher but I need close to 1.4v for 3.4GHz. Don't think thats very wise.

  9. Looking at my info, do I stand a chance to get this to OC to 3.2 like you?

    I was told that with my stock q6600 g0 at 1.30v, I stand no chance to hit 3.6 oc lol.

    Someone said "3.2G should be a sure thing (but you prolly wont get it at 400x8)"

    and "3.6 is out of the picture"
  10. I'd say you can get even higher than my 3.3GHz OC. You have an Ultra Extreme right? Quite a bit better than my Tuniq I gather.

    By the way i'm using a 9x multi.

    arent these wayyy too high for idle? :(
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