ATA Device Features

I used everest ultimate edition and i found that my hdd ( Hitachi HDT725032VLA360 ) has some features that are disabled. Using Vista, on:
Asus p5k, 1gb ddr2 800, etc etc ...

so here what everest say:

ATA Device Features
48-bit LBA Supported
Advanced Power Management Supported, Disabled
Automatic Acoustic Management Supported, Disabled
Device Configuration Overlay Supported
DMA Setup Auto-Activate Supported, Disabled
General Purpose Logging Supported
Host Protected Area Supported, Enabled
In-Order Data Delivery Supported, Disabled
Native Command Queuing Supported
Phy Event Counters Supported
Power Management Supported, Enabled
Power-Up In Standby Supported, Disabled
Read Look-Ahead Supported, Enabled
Release Interrupt Not Supported
Security Mode Supported, Disabled
SMART Supported, Enabled
SMART Error Logging Supported
SMART Self-Test Supported
Software Settings Preservation Supported, Enabled
Tagged Command Queuing Not Supported
Write Cache Supported, Enabled

I tried hitachis program to alter some of these settings but windows changed back the setigns i made.
Any one knows how to alter any of these?
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