Will the 8800GTS 320MB price ever go down?

I've been following Tom's "The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money" monthly series and the 8800GTS 320MB has been on the list as the best card for ~$280 since April. Why isn't this card going down in price like other cards?
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  1. There's no competition. The X1950XT is still $170.00 to $239.00. So they don't have to lower the price.
  2. Some have dropped to around $250 with a mail in rebate.

    They don't have any price/performance competition right now. I don't see why they would drop any lower until new products are released. You'd have to rely on the goodness of NVidia's heart.

    On the bright side - The Ultra can be had for $599 now. :D
  3. Unless something powerful comes out in the mid-range, that would be nice. Like a x1950 pro refresh.
  4. Or how about the warehouse is overflowing and the boss wants to have a vacation.....
  5. amds hd 2900 is ~500. there is nothing to compete with the ~300 8800 gts now.
    don't graphics card makers realize- never release a series of graphics card with letters instead of the numbers they usually stick to. geforce 1, 2 ,3 ,4, then FX - complete trash, then back to 6 ,7, 8. now its 9000, x8xx, x1xxx, and "HD". letters are never a good idea.
  6. chocobocorey said:
    then FX - complete trash,

    Come on, I had the FX5900 Ultra and it was the best card in the world, for about a week. lol. Until AMD releases something that shakes up the market Nvidia has no reason to lower prices or release new products. They've had the lead for about a year with no end currently in sight. That's the problem with no competition, prices increase while innovation halts.
  7. NEVER..... the price will never drop.... it will go up so high only the elite of society will be able to afford it. :wahoo:
  8. Actually i think it will dip a little when the 9800 or 8900 come out whichever they are going to do, though with all the rumours flying around we will all have our own personal Crae Super computer soon.

    ATI is working really hard on their drivers right now, so if they hit a massive performance increase (the 7.8 beta fixes AA and AF NICELY) you might get one for cheap. But i think the damage has been done for now so wait till the next nvidia comes.
  9. Rabidpeanut said:
    with all the rumours flying around we will all have our own personal Crae Super computer soon.

    no no no, what we will have is a super computer graphics card with an ordinary mainstream processer (no rumours about them)
  10. We've reached midcard stagnation...I don't see any light till they(8800gts)fall on their face when a real dx10 game comes out...but I think thats quite far down the line...thats my 2cents.
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