the 8x00, and 2x00 series are OLD GEN, M$ screwed us all up, read up !

Read up on how M$ screwed up again, the dx10.1 update will not be supported by any gpu's of today, so it seems taht dx10 lived and died, and now dx10.1 is a new thing ...and i thought it was just an update, but no its m$ way i guess of making ppl hate it You got to love M$, only they would think of such nonsence.

read up here on m$ stupidity(and cry if You are an owner of x00, or 8x00series of cards:
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  1. Quote from article:

    'This is especially true given the incredibly limited benefits 10.1 is bringing to the party'

    so I don't think owners of DX10 cards will give two hoots.
  2. with the mentioned info , i would say no, but what about the other additional "implementaions" ;)
  3. By the time DX10 takes center stage most early adopters will upgrade to a new GPU and most later ones will probably just not care. This is nuthing new to the industry though! Just my two cents!


  4. ^ lol Im a bit pissed since today I just ordered a 2900xt , lol first time i ever got to order a high end gpu relatively soon after its release :(
  5. Holy Cow, ati, nvidia, microsoft all trying to make money by creating new gimmicks to move new products. I would have never guessed such a thing would happen right here in America.
  6. ^ lol I love sarcazm ;)
    but honeslty the ati cards arent even out for a long time(couple months) not even half a year, and this... :(, mean i atleast partially understand nvidia since its almost a year(close to it) and they are releasing new cards.
    2 bad there is no "trade in" for the old gen cards....atleast not relatively proffitable.
  7. This will be like the DX8.1 update.

    People will only care once there's something to show for it.
    Before Morrowind came out there was no difference between the GF3/4 and R8500, and even afterwards, few people noticed or cared unless they knew what to look for.
    Same thing is likely to happen here. Developers are only going to implement it as a worthy feature once there's enough volum of owners out there who have the hardware to begin with.
  8. ^ hope so, since the majority of ppl, sometimes just blindly pick only the "newest" , btw TheGreatGrapeApe, thx for teh advice on the x1950xt, but i managed to get $200 more, and just today ordered the HD2900xt....about an hour before I read the inq article ....:(
  9. Ah don't worry about the InQ article, like I said, doesn't really change anything. We knew these extra features (just like tessellation) were on the horizon, and just like SM3.0 they're not about to pring on us all of a sudden. The article acts as if this is something that's never happened before, meanwhile most of us expect it and know, "hey, I buy what's best now, and when it's no longer good enough, then I buy something new". But I don't expect to even see a game that supports DX10.1 in any major way prior to 2009. They may throw in a thing or two here, like tessellation, but I don't expect to see it on a spec for a boxed product for some time.

    For the time being enjoy the new card and don't look back, that's always been my policy. Make the best choice with the info you have at the time, and never regret it.
  10. ^ thank You, its that its actually the first time I spend $400 on a GPu, and not to mentione a new PSu ($180) just to support the new card, so i guess thats why I just went bezerk there ;)
  11. It isn't like the "old gen" cards are going to quit working after the update.
    It has been said countless times that he who is on the bleeding edge of technology will be cut by it, he who jumps in too late will be impaled.
    Like Monty Python's quest for the Holy Grail where King Arthur fights the Black knight at the bridge....."it's only a flesh wound" ;)
  12. ^ lol, those 2 quotes made my day ;)
    mind if i use the "he who...will be impaled" quote for a sig? ;) its quite true, and funny
  13. illuminatirex said:
    ^ lol, those 2 quotes made my day ;)
    mind if i use the "he who...will be impaled" quote for a sig? ;) its quite true, and funny

    Be my guest, I don't have it copyrighted :lol:
  14. thx ;)
  15. yo guys. relax. u screwed up if you bought nVidea. the R600 supports DX10.1. the G80 does not. the R600 is a true next gen card. screw what anyone says anything bad about the R600. who ever got an 8x00 card now will be upgrading much sooner then some one with a 2x00 card.

    the arch of the R600 is complex and will be used to its full potential with DX10b,c and 10.1. the R600 has the power, it just has to be unlocked with driver improvements and DX10 revisions. just watch, ATI4LYF
  16. ^ thats partially my reazoning for geting the 2900xt, im still waiting to get it, and decided to get it after I heard about those realy huge driver improvements, honestly i dont think even the 19x0 series even had so mcuh of an improvement from one driver to another.
  17. i'm personaly waiting for the 2950pro or something of that performance level. my current 1950pro smokes the 8600gts and dont see why to change my card.

    the drivers are an important factor to consider. the 7.8 beta drivers added 500% in Adaptive AA performance. the real benchies to watch out for are the CCC 8 drivers, the real performance will begin to shine.
  18. ^ I have a x850xt, and begun to feel its age, althou its a great card, but finally wanted to have a great pc overall, which i never had a chance to build up, since always I was wiating for the next beter thing, and tehn the next and teh next. :(
  19. TheGreatGrapeApe said:
    For the time being enjoy the new card and don't look back, that's always been my policy. Make the best choice with the info you have at the time, and never regret it.

    Extremely sound advice. Research & read up on cards, make sure you know about the future as much as you can, then make the decision. Then no regrets until the next splurge :)
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