PSU and 8800GTX

I've gone out and purchased myself an 8800GTX (XFX) and I am just wondering, can it work with the following rig and a 450W PSU (the minimum is 450W, so I'm just curious)?

C2D e6400 Stock
250GB Maxtor IDE HDD
2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 RAM
DVD drive
ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 -PT880

Will it work with the stock PSU or should I go for a 550W/600W?

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  1. First of all, exactly what is the stock psu? Brand/model ? And secondly, after buying the best GPU you can get, why risk your card and your rig and even your gaming on a bare minimum?
  2. I have a 450W, which crashes every few hours because I have an Opteron 170 in it, as well as a Geforce 7600GS.

    My PSU did come with my case, but it has two 12v rails with 20 amps apiece, and it still fails. I'd say, just be safe and get a new PSU, if you can afford a $500 Graphics Card, $100 for a good PSU should be nothing.
  3. Never, ever cheap out on the PSU. That is the one component that can (though very rare) kill most or all of the other components in your if it dies.

    If saving some $$ now so that you can spend $$$$ later then be my guest.
  4. Thermaltake makes a 250 watt dedicated GPU PSU that fits in a 5.25 drive bay.

    Pick one up for $49, install and game worry free. Been keeping my 8800 GTX happy for 9 months. Snap to install, quiet, and rock solid. e6600 at 3.2, 3 gigs ram, 2 big sata drives, 8800 GTX OC'd, 2 dvd/rw's, x-fi, and watercooling rig. 550 TT toughpower running everything but the gpu.

    Two 6 pin connectors for the gpu, and one add in for the mainboard connector to turn it on. Power cable runs out the back to the UPS.
  5. When I bought my 8800.... I ditched my 70 dollar Antec 2.0 TruePower PS and bought a new one .( good PS, did its job well on my 939 rig) The One I chose was 600 Watts, definately enough power. ( rated at 84% Efficency!) I suggest you pick one of these up, IMO It's the best PSU short of 850 Watts. ZM-600 by Zalman. It actually utilizes heat pipes and keeps it nice and cool. The price tag is heavy ( about 150 USD) But it also comes with a Full 3 year warranty. Very quiet too. Not to mention it is SLI certified and comes with 4, thats right, 4 12V rails.
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