Another What Motherboard question

Most other threads seem to focus on either
high overclockabilty or loads of features and SLI.
My requirements are a little different.
I'm looking for the following

High Stability
Fast Disk controller
Fast Ethernet controller
No sound
No onboard Graphics
DDR2-800 support

I have not decided AMD or Intel yet so if anybody can make suggestions
for both that would be great.

This will be work station for 2D Graphics (photoshop)
and sound recording (Cubase and Pro-tools). So I'll be looking at Matrox for the
Graphics card and an M-Audio or E-Mu for sound
And will probably run 4 disks in Raid 0+1
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  1. get the Intel DP35DPM motherboard. The retail version has a 3 year warranty and they fix things quickly if there is a problem. the motherboard has gigabit ethernet controller, get a card if you need 10 gigibit on PCI Express x1.
    it's stable but lousy for overclocking, which you don't care about. the audio can be disabled in BIOS since every newer chipset has built-in sound.
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