HELP HELP HELP HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All i need a driver 4 a sata driver for an acer aspire 5050 laptop can any body please help i habe looked everywere, have even phoned acer and there trying to charge me £50 :(
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  1. Your not going to find a hard drive driver. You can get the chipset driver for the motherboard bios here:
    Make sure you have the correct numbers inputted.
    All HD's should be reconized by the Bios during boot. Then in turn by windows.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply but the bios is on the website is a differnet version than the one on the machine the bios picks the drives up ok on the bios but wont pick them up when i try to reinstall windows, because when i switch the machine on it comes up no op system found have formatted the drive and marked it as active and there is ntfs ???
  3. What error are you getting while trying to install windows
  4. im not getting an error when i start the computer with up a recovery cd it comes up saying that no op system can be found then when i put the cd in try to start the setup process it wont pick the drives up but they are being picked up in the bios, i have also try to repair thought the setup and it states that the computer cant be repaired automatically ????

    Any ideas ?
  5. Were these disks in a raid configuration?
    Has anyone changed the disks bios setings?
  6. sorry dont no what ya mean raid config,
    dnt think so its not mine im fixing it for a fella
  7. You mentioned "it wont pick the drives "
    Raid ties two disks toegether to make 1 large one.

    you state " put the cd in try to start the setup process it wont pick the drives up "
    but you also said"have formatted the drive and marked it as active and there is ntfs ??? "

    So the disk is seeing the hard drives, correct?
    can you get to a command prompt?
  8. yes that is correct the bios is picking up the drives in the boot menu, i can get access to a command prompt through a backdoor program called active @ i use to config other computers i use i have a partion manager in it but it wouldnt pick the drives up either
  9. How were you able to format them?
  10. i used a sata to usb lead i have and put it into a differnet computer
  11. Different computer with the same operating system?
    it seems that every operating system gets a new file structure(ntfs)
    Partition magic should be able to backward format.
  12. it wouldnt matter wat op system it is it was only formatting the disk the drive is active all i need is the driver i think,
  13. All I was trying to say was that you can't load win 95 on a fat32 partition
    you cant load win 98 in a win 2000 partition. So you may not be able to load vista on a win 7 partition.
    Heres a link to Hitachi's web site and downloads. If their drives needed a driver it will be here:
  14. o rite, the partion is vista but the computer used to partion the drive is win 7, is it possible to just get the drivers for a Hitachi sata hard drive, would that be categorized as a chipset driver
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