Registry Cleaner that works for a change!

I had been searching recently to find out about registry cleaners as I've had problems with buying useless ones in the past. Anyway, in case anybody is interested, this is the best I have ever found!
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  1. Recommended for at least five years on these forums without change.
  2. Agreed. Works for me
  3. Yep. Grab the cleaner above. No reason in my opinion to buy antivirus, spyware cleaners, firewalls, registry cleaners, etc. Too many good ones for free.
  4. Exactly. CCleaner is excellent. I occasionally use Glary Utilities, another free registry cleaner. It's always worked great for me.
  5. agreed ccleaner. i never have problems with it. I sometimes use Aml Reg cleaner too.
  6. badge said:
    Recommended for at least five years on these forums without change.

    Got to be best answer
  7. i actually use plain registry mechanic....
    especially if your willing to pay for it.
  8. Never tried Ccleaner? Besides being a slow dog compared to ccleaner, Registry Mechanic wrecked a couple of systems I had using the software's *deep clean function. Ccleaner takes seconds to clean the machine, it's free, and has never hosed a machine like egistry mechanioc has. I have used Registry mechanic in the past. Ccleaner is the beter solution for my purposes. I like fast software.

  9. see and for me ccleaner killed my machine.
    so it's like rolling the dice.

    *whatever +1..
  10. hmmm used ccleaner for years and on guessing 25 to 30 different machines at least. Use it everyday on probably 20 machines or so. NEVER EVER had ccleaner hose a machine. Not the case for RM.
  11. I also can vouch for Crap Cleaner. I have been using it for years without issue.
    That coupled with Microsoft Security Essentials has kept things secure & tidy.
  12. I can say I've used ccleaner on quite a few systems and have not had complaints.
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