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Graphic Card-Final Piece to the built!!

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 10, 2007 2:13:09 PM

Can anyone suggest or recommend the following card. Keep in mind that the price differential is about $80.

EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card Retail 640-P2-N821-AR ~$343.00

EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB 320bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card Retail 320-P2-N811-AR~ 259.99

Any suggestion or recommendation on either card will be gladly appreciated.

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August 10, 2007 2:17:57 PM

If you know you can afford the 640MB version, deffinately get it for futureproof.

If you can't afford it really, the 320MB should serve you well for a little while, but I would spend the extra $ since there are some sick games coming out in Q3/Q4.
a c 143 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 2:27:05 PM

It depends on your screen resolution. For 1680x1050 or more I'd get the 640MB version.
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a c 169 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 2:43:32 PM

thats right , if u play @ resolutions higher than 1600x1200 , then get 8800gts 640 , if not then get 320 , in resolutions lower than 1600x1200 , 320 performs like a 640 in almost every game
August 10, 2007 2:58:48 PM

Resolution should not be the driving factor... Its a bit mis-leading to be honest. Certain games need more than 320MB...

For me its cost - can you afford a 640GTS? if you can get it because its better and will have a better chance at playing tomorrows games than thee 320MB card. If you can't afford it then 'make do' and get the 320MB card.

I was in your shoes not so long ago and got similar advice -- I wish to hell someone had told me before I got the card that this resolution factor everyone bangs on about really isn't a key driver. Knowing what I know now I would get at the very least a 640GTS but prob would of ended up getting the GTX.

Hope this helps - tough decision but get what you can afford!!
a c 143 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 3:26:04 PM

Well, yeah, if you can get a GTX get it, it's worth it. If you happen to like things like Oblivion you'll be happy you got the GTX, that's for sure.
August 10, 2007 4:19:00 PM

I own an 8800GTX and it does quite well in Oblivion at the maximum in game quality at 1680x1050 with 4xAA 16xAF.
August 10, 2007 4:54:25 PM

Funny, this guy asks whether it's worth spending the extra $80 to get a $350 graphics card and most people are recommending one that costs $500.....

Vixer03, I'm not an expert, but I'm in a similar position to yourselves e.g. putting together a new computer at the moment. I've basically read everything I could get my hands on on the subject and if you want the expert opinion go here: the_money/

if you look up the 640MB version on there, this is what it says:

The GeForce 8800 GTS is the little brother of the 8800 GTX, with both being based on the same Nvidia next-generation DirectX 10 GPU. The 8800 GTS is slightly crippled compared to the GTX, but it will still beat powerhouse cards like the dual-GPU 7950 GX2 in many cases. The biggest downside to the 8800 GTS 640MB is that its cheaper 320MB cousin offers very close performance for much less scratch. However, if you plan to play your games at high resolutions - 1600x1200 or above - it's worth the extra money to get the 640MB version.

Hope this helps....

a c 143 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 5:26:51 PM

Heyyou27 said:
I own an 8800GTX and it does quite well in Oblivion at the maximum in game quality at 1680x1050 with 4xAA 16xAF.

Yup, it does. The problem is, would the GTS 640 also do quite well? If yes, then he should get the GTS and save some money...

Look at this chart. Two interesting things in it:

1. the $80 between GTS 320 MB and GTS 640 MB buys you almost nothing in this game at this resolution.
2. the GTX gets 32.5 fps while the GTSs get 23 or 24 fps. I think that's noticeable. Whether it's worth $200, dunno...

Of course, it's silly to decide based on one game at one resolution. I think vixer should play with those charts a bit and then decide. It depends on which games he likes and what sort of monitor he has or will have.
August 10, 2007 6:09:01 PM

It is like $20 per frame.... SCREW THAT. You can get that foxconn oc'ed 320 gts and it can keep up with the gtx sometimes. and it keeps you nice and warm too.
a c 169 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 6:37:06 PM

here is a review of xfx 8800gts 320 xxx :
XFX_GeForce_8800_GTS_320MB__8800_GTX_X XX_Editions/?page=5

XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB XXX Edition: The new 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS is an excellent value when you look at its feature set and performance in comparison to the competition. More often than not, the 320MB GTS outperforms ATI's current flagship Radeon X1950 XTX and it hangs right alongside the original 640MB GeForce 8800 GTS in situations where its smaller frame buffer doesn't hinder performance. It is not necessarily a good alternative to the 640MB model for gamers with higher res monitors or XHD capable panels, however. At XHD resolutions with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled, the 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS' frame buffer comes up a little short in a few of today's games. And this will likely be the case with many future gaming titles as well. If you've got a XHD capable display (1920X1200 on up), we definitely recommend investing a little extra cash in the 640MB GeForce 8800 GTS or the more powerful GeForce 8800 GTX. If you've got a 19" or 20" panel or a monitor capable of resolutions of 1600x1200 and lower, the new 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS would be a perfect fit. For around $300-$340, these new cards will give you all of the features of NVIDIA's current flagship GPU and plenty of performance, with all of the eye candy turned up in just about any game. Couple that with DX10 support, HDCP compliance, a great video engine, and you can clearly see why the 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS is an extremely enticing product. In addition, XFX's interpretation in particular is a real winner. The XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB XXX Edition card we tested is one of the highest clocked models available, its bundle is well rounded and includes a decent game, it's priced competitively, and the XFX double-lifetime warranty is second to none. The XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB XXX Edition is a clear Editor's Choice winner.

a c 143 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 6:57:14 PM

I bet the editor who made the GTS "Editor's Choice" has chosen to buy a GTX for himself or his children :)  Just buy the best card you can afford.
August 10, 2007 7:43:57 PM

Well... We dont have enough information on what he currently has and what size his monitor is. I think if hes gaming at lower resolution the 320MB would be a good choice to hold him off for awhile until new cards arrive.
a c 143 U Graphics card
August 10, 2007 7:48:18 PM

But then he could go cheaper, if it's just a temporary fix. Maybe an x1950pro or x1950xt.

The bad news about the new cards is that we don't know anything yet. They may not fit in today's mid-tower cases, they may require 2KW PSUs, they may require X38 motherboards. Very hard to buy a PC today and guarantee you'll be able to use the next card generation in it.