HELP!! system wont POST after video driver install

Helpp!!! posted this in the video forum also but this may be a more appropriate place....

built a new rig with :

Antec 900 case
Antec triopower 550W
Crucial Ballistix PC2 6400 1gb X 2
EVGA 8800GTS 640mb
WD 500gb SATAII running as IDE
Intel Q6600 running at 9 X 350, with Tuniq 120 cooler

I had the hardest time installing Vista with AHCI despite loading the drivers for AHCI. In the end, after numerous times, finally succeeded in loading a dual boot system with RAID and AHCI disabled (loaded XP pro and Vista Ultimate).

Today i booted into Vista and loaded the 8800GTS drivers off the EVGA cd. After driver install, it asked me to reboot. I clicked reboot. Since then, the computer is stuck in a reboot/restart loop.

The system powers on, fans spin etc for 5 seconds, then shuts down and restarts, over and over. Nothing on the monitor, no POST, no beeps (although I dont have the "speaker" port connected on the mobo.

I tried to replace the video card and a different PSU, no luck.

I am running BIOS F4g.

Cleared CMOS numerous times without any luck.

any suggestions? thanks!
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  1. connect the speaker and look through your motherboard manual for the beep codes, this may help out a bit.

    unrelated, did you get a chance to see your load temps on that overclock?
  2. Have the 965-dq6. Once in awhile if I reboot my system goes into power off/on loop. I wait for the system to power off, then I turn the ac off (Have a consol where I can power off monitor/computer/speaker amp, and external drives.) - Use the rocker sw on back of PSU. I count to 10 reapply AC and system boots fine. Give it a try
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