Hard Drive problem

Right ok, signature updated.

More problems....
Maind Drive (C 320GB drive is installed and is connected to a power cable, let's call it '1'. On that cable there's obviously 2 power connectors, let's call them 1.1 and 1.2. The drive is connected to 1.1 and if i connect the new 320GB drive to 1.2 and start transferring data over, i will get the blue screen.

So i decided to take out the new 320GB drive and insert the new 160GB drive to see if there's a problem with the drive itself. Again, connected it to '1.2' and got blue screen!

Ok, so i took out the 1.2 connector and inserted a connector which was on a free cable, '2', which again has two power connectors '2.1' and '2.2'. Plugged it into 2.1 and started transfer of data from C drive to my new drive that i just inserted and it worked a treat.

I though ok, we're gettin somewhere. So after the successful data transfer, i inserted the new 320GB drive again and connected it to connector 2.2 and tested a transfer between the two new drives on the same cable and got the bloody blue screen.

I'm sometimes receiving the blue screen with message:
"Kernel inpage stack error" with code 0x00000077 or a blue screen with code 0x000000F4.

I dont know if its a power issue, or if its jumper settings which i dont think it can be cuz they're Sata drives.


PS> I ran memtest overnight and found no error in my RAM. and. .. .. . I think what i just typed was useless as i just tried a data transfer from old drive to one of the new ones again and it blue screened. I think the successful data transfer was just luck?
Somebody please help!
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  1. Where's your sig or specs?

    By the description, it sounds like a Maxtor SATA drive which have a molex (4 large round pins) & SATA power connectors. Use only the SATA for SATA connection. Their site has documentations on this.

    Also, are you copying a windows partition to a new drive? aka migrating os. It has a high chance that it won't work cuz of old drivers. Unless the previous system is the same as the current one.

    But the BSOD sounds like a memory issue.

    The specs, please.
  2. Problem solved, bloody Chipset drivers were out of date!

    FYI: seagate barracuda's i have :-)

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