after update bios - raid 5 crash

My computer details:
Cpu: intel 6600 2.4
Motherboard: Gigabyte p35-ds4 rev 1.0
2GB - DDR 2 - Kingston
Video: Gigabyte 8600GT 512MB DDR3
Operating System: Vista Ultimate 32Bit

I use Raid 5 with 3 Harddisks of 320GB SATAII W.d working on the intel ch9r chip that came with gigabyte motherboard.
i (updated) flashed my bios from f4 to f7 version successfuly
and restarted my computer, the hardisks were detected first as normal SATA (not on the raid),
it wrote me that an operating system doesn't exist, then i went to the BIOS and enabled the raid and restarted the computer,
in the raid bios everything looks normal and ok like before (i checked also via ctrl+i),
it showed me that the 3 hardisks belong to raid array and then i got a menu:
"windows boot manager" File: \windows\system32\winload.exe Status: 0xc000000d missing or corrupt.
i flashed back to F4 bios as were before, but this didn't help.
so i tried to BOOT from VISTA DVD to do "repair startup" and it wrote me that it can't be fixed and the boot sector failed.
next thing i did is adding another SATA harddisk as normal (not as raid)
install on it vista and then install the raid drivers and then it showed me that the drive D is only 320 GB,
not 640GB as it should be (the raid drive), and it can't be accessed "you need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it.
do you want to format it?"
i attach here image file of the disk manager of VISTA. it is showing 2 partitions.
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  1. gigabyte worte that there is major performance change... so i did...
    i very sorry for that now...
    what should i do ?
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