Will the Video Card I am getting fit in my Case?

I am wondering if the Asus Extreme EN8800GTX card will fit in my Silverstone Lascala LC-10M? I will be getting the Asus P5N32-E SLI motherboard with hopes of getting another ASUS 8800GTX case later in the year.


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  1. Can anyone help me with this?



  2. Hmmmm. Was curious of this so i did a lil digging. This may case will give you some of problems fitting an 11 inch 8800GTX inside. The image below is your exact case filled with components. Look at where the HDD cage and back end of that graphic's card installed in the mobo meet. The video card is a farely small regular budget card from the screen shot. Lool at the space between that card and the HDD cage very closely. That's a VERY small gap. Your card is 11 inches long bud and it will SURELY hit that cage. That cage there also is not detachable but a fixed cage so it cannot be repositioned elsewhere (if so my God where?!). Factor in your card, that small gap and the power cables that will be attached to the end of your card to the PSU. Dont give up hope though. Thankfully you chose the right motherboard. Since your board is an SLI your only option is is to use the bottom PCI-Express bay instead of the top one. If ya do that, your safe. I doubt the card is that long where it'll hit that LCD display mount there seen where all the wires on the bottom left corner of this pic. Dont even think of installing a Zalman fan, lmao. As you can see that big bar above the stock heatsink will pose alot of issues. I guess your getting this case for the style or space reasons but if your looking to run a machine using a GTX i'm sure you can afford to get an alternative case maybe. Think about it.

  3. ineedausername said:
    Can anyone help me with this?



    be patient, I usually wait a full 24 hours before i look back at a thread i started, because that way most people will have commented who are going to
  4. the GTX just may be too big. I'm curious why are you using this case instead of a mid-tower or a full tower. You'll have much more better luck fitting a GTX in one of those instead of one of these things.
  5. Even if you could squeeze an 8800 GTX into that case, why would you want to? You would have horrible air flow, as well as heat problems.

    The 8800 GTX is an enthusiast's video card, and that case is made for HTPC systems. They don't mix.
  6. There is no way an 8800GTX will fit in that case without modding because of the hd cage. 8800GTX's are longer than a standard ATX mobo, so from looking at that picture you can tell it won't fit.
  7. Get Cooler Master Stacker 832 - plenty O room

    Don't be afraid to go non Asus with the graphics Card - I went EVGA as they seem to have better clock out of the box - they work fine with my Asus P5N32-E 680i board
  8. Thanks for your replies. Whoa, lots of "it will not work" and "yes it will work". I already have this case in my livingroom connected to my TV. I currently use an ASUS A8N with a 850XT which I had for over two years. But I am upgrading it to the Asus P5N32-E SLI with an 8800GTX and giving my wife the A8N and the 850XTl. I think the motherboard has the video card slot away from the HD cage, so I might get away with it. Yea, it is crappy why the HD case is not in parallel with the front of the case for more room.
  9. why dont you just spring for a new case? it'll suck for you to gut your entire system, place that new mobo in all to see that long 8800gtx wont fit. Maybe go for a GTS instead. The GTX is 11 inches long and the GTS is only 9. And by the way your system may have heating problems cause i can just imagine how cramped all those parts are gonna be in that tiny case bud. Do your GTX justice and give it some leg room.
  10. but will it blend?

    if you have that much money {to burn} why don't you get a new case?
    and a new PSU if you are planning on SLI
    oh, and a little thing called adequate cooling {like in the previous comments} unless you are planning on browning toast.
    get a P182 {or of the like}

    otherwise give wifey this computer, buy new one!
  11. I have the BFG nVidia 8800 GTX Cards in my Antec 900 Ultimate Gaming case..........and they just, just fit, by about 1cm.

    Had to remove the hdd cage to get them in.
  12. What case would you recommend to use with my TV? Is there a HTPC case that is design to fit the long 11inch card and provide adequate cooling?

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