Cooler Master Stacker wortH it??

I have been eyeing it for so long now.

It looks good, it has ultimate air cooling and is just one of the best cases you can buy. Even if I upgrade my computer in the future I will still be able to use the same case.

But I just cant decide that all these flashy things are worth £140.

I need some peoples opinions, it'll probably last me until new parts are physically incompatible with it, which will probably be years and years, rather than the other parts of a build that'll last like a year and a half before being upgraded.

Opinions pleeeeeeeeeeease :D
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  1. I've never spent more than $80 (about £40?) on a case, but if you've been eyeing it for that long, it is probably worth getting it so you don't wonder and regret for the next six months if you don't get it.
  2. I have the 832 and it's a great case. They made a couple changes from the 830 so you might want to consider the 832 instead. The only negative I have about the case is the side panels are a little hard to get on and off but everything else more than makes up for it.
  3. Yeh I was looking at the 831 then I read that it doesn't have a side panel that I can take out. So for some reason I went backwards rather than forwards lol.

    To me £20 seemed to be a lot to pay for just a few little upgreades but I guess when im spending so much it doesnt really matter.
  4. I just looked at their site and I think the 831 and 832 are the same except for the front door. From the 830 to the 832 they changed the position of the top fan to allow for longer PSU's and they changed the side fan panel to allow for more useable space inside the case. The case is huge which allows for easy installation and cable management and eventhough it's aluminum it's very heavy. It comes with wheels though so moving it around is fairly easy. I like the positioning of the front panel USB/Firewire connectors, too many cases have them either at the bottom front or in the middle of the top of the case. The only other negative I have about it is that where the front USB/Firewire cables connect to the front panel is not secured by anything and I accidentally pulled them out when trying to route the cables. I had to pull the front panel apart to get to the connectors and reattach them.
  5. This is a complete noob question but I got no idea how to answer it myself.

    If I put 9 fans in it, where do I plug them all into? Yes noob question but I really dont know. new MOBO hasnt come yet so IDK if I can plug them into that or if I need a fan controller or what.
  6. What mobo are you getting? I have 6 case fans (3 side, 1 front, 1 top, 1back) + CPU fan and NB fan plugged into my mobo. You should have enough mobo headers but if not you could use 3pin to molex adapters for the rest or get a bay fan controller.
  7. XFX 680i LT
  8. I looked at the picture of it on Newegg and it looks like there are two available headers at the bottom of the board. It has three more but those are for the CPU, NB, and SB. You could use "y" connectors but that would only give you 4. Your best bet would be to use a combination of "y" connectors and a front panel fan controller with connections for 4 fans that would give you a total of 8 and if you need anymore you could use 3pin to molex adapters. Hope I helped, gotta go to work.
  9. Well worth it. I have the 830 and am so glad I got it over some of the others that I was thinking about. The side doors were hard to take off and on but all I had to do was just bend the tabs out on the doors just slightly and now they go on and off very easily.
    Case has lots of room and the placement of the power,USB,1394, ports are the best. As for the fans I would suggest getting a controller that sits in one of the bays to control them. troller_-_Silver.html?tl=g34c17s286

    Also, you might check this case out. This is a new one from CM and looks really cool.
  10. The 2nd link is broken unfortunatly.

    The fan controller is a good idea, I cant buy that since its in America but on I found one that looks suitable.

    If I get 2 of those it should be ok, 7 case fans and a CPU cooler sounds like the thing im looking for and what I expect to get for spending so much money!!!

    Just got to check if it will work with the Stacker, since the knobs on it apparantly get in the way of some of the doors.
  11. I have had cases in the past that have had that problem and let me just say that right now I have a 1/2 to 1/4 in headphone jack adapter plugged into my X-fi front panel and the door still closes, there is plenty of room.
  12. Problem with that fan controller is I think it doesnt show you how fast teh fans are actually spinning, not too good for setting em all at the same rate so one could be quite noisy.
  13. Hatman said:
    But I just cant decide that all these flashy things are worth £140.

    I don't think its worth it, myself. After all, what's a case supposed to do? It hold the hardware in place and has a few holes and fans to let air pass through. Some cases have a clear side panel. I have a $50 dollar case that does a better job at this than the last case which I bought which cost $160. Sure, some of the cases are made of steel instead of aluminum, but that just adds weight when you want to move it. Otherwise, the thing just sits there. if it does its main job of holding the hardware and keeping in cool, then I'm satisfied

    My personal thought is that the high prices are more of an appeal to the vanity of people than to their actual function. It lets someone say "My case cost a lot of money, while your case is cheap." Well, I'd rather spend my money on a better cpu, motherboard, etc than on an expensive case. But that's just my opinion, nothing else.
  14. I agree with you Sailer that there are cheaper cases that simply do the job. Antec in particular makes quality, fairly inexpensive cases. The Stacker series is expensive but what you get over cheaper cases is quality workmanship, quality materials to ease installation and wouldn't you want to house your expensive components in something that is solid and well built. As for weight, I've had steel cases that were lighter than my Stacker. There's convenience and ease of use built into higher end cases that you can't find in cheaper models.
  15. My $50 case that I like so well is a Chieftech that came with an ALienware that I bought many years ago. Things that I've liked with it are the ease of use, convenience, basic quality that's kept it holding up for the past seven years. I've had 5 different motherboards, 4 cpus, and a varitey of video cards in it through the years and its still a solid, well ventilated case. The only thing left that's original is the floppy drive. The $160 dollar case that I referenced is a Thermaltake, which is not as well built in my opinion, and definitely not as well ventilated. For sure, when shopping among cheap cases, attention to detail must be given, but I think there's some good cases out there that are cheap to buy. They just don't have the big name recognition and the big prices that go along with it.
  16. I would take a look at the Antec 900 Case or the Lian-Li PC-60 Plus II both cases looking pretty cool and have excellent cooling and can be found for half the price of the Stacker.
  17. Yes I have looked at both but I didnt like the Antec 900 much. I dont like the way it looks.

    Also the LianLi looks alrite but 80mm fans are quite loud, idk if they are on that or not. but either way I dont think ill be buying it since its not on ebuyer (get everything on ebuyer).

    Sorry but Stacker832 with a couple of fan controllers and full case fans fitted out still look extremly appealing to me, if tehya re all set to run at 1000rpm they would be near silent aswell..
  18. Hatman said:

    Sorry but Stacker832 with a couple of fan controllers and full case fans fitted out still look extremly appealing to me, if tehya re all set to run at 1000rpm they would be near silent aswell.. = 274 & ; code= Check this out, I've been looking at this controller for a while, looks very nice. Zalman also has a 6 fan controller in black aluminum that would look great and you would only need one.

    Just keep in mind that the Stacker is essentially a big screen, you have to be careful of what you put in it because there is not a lot of material to dampen sound. The design provides superior air flow through the case but anything inside that makes noise you can hear outside.

    Here are a couple pictures of my system right after I built it. Before cable management and before my 8800GTX.

  19. What I actually plan to put in there is:

    XFX 680i LT
    Q6600 @ 3.2ghz (hopefully GO if ebuyer get it soon!)
    Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro
    4x 1GB OCZ DDR2-PC6400 SLI Memory @ 4-4-4-12-1T @ 400MHZ
    7950GX2 @ 500/1200
    OCZ StealthXtreme 600watt PSU

    The only thing which should be particularly noisy is the graphics card, but it would only get really noisy when playing a game anyway and at that point id have speakers going full blast!
  20. I read somewhere that aswell as 4x 120mm fans, this case on the side door can also easily use 4x 1400mm fans!

    Can someone confirm this for me? Would be a cool feature..
  21. Take a look at my picture, I don't think there is enough room for fans that size. Although there is a black plastic insert that holds the fans in place (you'll notice it removed from the top right fan position in the picture) which after removing them you might be able to fit 140mm fans in there I haven't tried.
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