Compaq presario gfx card help!!!

I'm planning to buy a graphics card for my old computer which is a compaq presario 5000, but I'm wondering if this video card could fit my computer.

If u guys don't know at all can u give me the measurements of a pci express slot?

Heres an example of what my motherboard looks like
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  1. If that is your motherboard, then you can only use PCI graphics cards. You really can't get much performance out of PCI as the bus is too low bandwidth for modern graphics and the fastest PCI card out there is an X1300 PCI
  2. Actually, I think there is an X1550, but still that's not that great. You may want to consider saving for a new PC.
  3. so in other words that card won't fit and nor will any decent ones
  4. Well, the cards you could get would be fine for 2D applications and movie watching, but don't expect to be doing any recent games on them at decent settings, especially with the fact that the CPU and ram that would be in a computer that age are very weak also.
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