Please help getting Xbox360 to run on my monitor.....

I have a custom built PC...

E4300 @2.4Ghz
965-pds3 Rev3.3
Evga 8800GTS 640mb
Sceptre 20.1"
Patriot 2x1GB 800Mhz

My monitor came with a Svideo to Component cable which I connected to my GPU then R,G,B, to my Xbox. I have a DVI going from the GPU to the monitor. Ive messed with Ntune while both the xbox and obviously pc are running and im not getting a picture from the Xbox through my GPU. Has ANYBODY successfully done this? The Xbox is "switched" to HDTV and I set the Ntune resolution to 720p. WTF is going on here, is it NOT possible to run my Xbox360 in HD via computer monitor?

Software specs:

Ntune: 5.05.47
GeForce video: 97.92(
Windows XP Pro

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Easy, Buy an Xbox 360 Dvi Connector and it will go straight to your monitor from your Xbox, that's what I have. You can buy them for like 35 bucks I think.
  2. could you PLEASE post a link to that or help me out in finding it? I found the VGA cable but Id rather have a strait DVI. Thanks.
  3. Are you talking about using the Xbox 360™ VGA HD AV Cable? I would have to use a VGA to DVI adaptor if thats the case. If so, that WOULDNT compromise quality at all, correct?
  4. Sorry, It IS a VGA connector, my bad. I don't know if it would compromise quality at all, but I know that I have used the straight VGA and it looks amazing, not quite as good as an HDTV at 1080 but still very nice. Pick one up.
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