Hi everybody....
Have a dell pc with windows vista on board....would like to completely erase everything and have a fresh pc to give to my son (as I have a new one)....can anybody help me with the best way to achieve this?

thanks :wahoo:
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  1. Check if it has a small partition on the hard drive. Some dells put a disk image of the computer as shipped. All you would have to do is boot from the rescue disk and restore to like factory.
  2. cool...i am completely computer illiterate lol could you expand slightly..cheers
  3. Right click my computer on the desktop. A window opens (computer managment)
    Left click on disk managment. (window changes to show hard drive)
    Are there any partitions on the C: drive ?
    There will be one for c: are there any others?
    If so put in the Dell restore/recovery disk
    Enter bios when computer restarts by hitting the del or F2 key.
    in boot settings select boot from cd/dvd drive and restart.
    Follow instructions
  4. thanks very much :)
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