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Suddenly my computer is very slow and/or freezes when working with photos. I have Windows xp with Canon DPP and Photoshop Elements photo editing software. In both editing programs I can edit the first photo fine but when I try to work with the next photo my system slows and freezes. I have tried registry cleaners, virus scan, system check, defragmented the disk, etc. Everything else works fine and this problem just started out of no where. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Why do you have this aversion to "free registry cleaners"??? There are multiple pieces of FREE software available from well known and reputable companies. The idea behind them is that you will try the basic (free) version of their product and opt to purchase the full featured version of the software.

    Please stop spreading your propaganda. Most people are unable to shell out the extra money required to subscribe to antivirus software updates and therefore the free applications suit them perfectly.


    I am unsure as to what is causing this problem, have you checked the memory usage for the software in question when working with the second photograph?
  2. I found out yesterday from the local computer store that I should uninstall the registry cleaners because they are no good. I did not install them until I started having the problems with photo editing. I was trying to find the problem with them. As far as RAM I have 1 GB of RAM already. Would installing more help? My computer was fine for a long time and the problem just started a month ago out of no where. I ran a malware program full scan and no problems were found. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS? PLEASE!
  3. do you do a lot of photo editing? if so i would recommend upgrading your RAM. have you tried reinstalling the affected software?
  4. Yes I do allot of photo editing. I have re-installed the software. Everything worked fine until a month ago with no changes to my computer and 1 GB of RAM. This is happening in Photoshop and Canon photo editing software. Everything else on my computer seems to be working fine.
  5. Thanks nicolatesla. Is it normal for a problem like this to just start for no apparent reason? Sometimes when I am just in photos moving files my computer slows even when I am not using editing software. The only common denomonator to all of this seems to be photos. Everything else seems to run fine.
  6. I may have found a solution for my problem. PLEASE let me know if this could cause me any other issues. Click start / click my computer / right click hard drive / click properties / click hardware / click hard disk / click properties / click policies / clear the box checked ENABLE WRITE CACHING ON DISK / click OK
    So far the photo editing is working fine since I made this change.
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