CPU Slower than it should be/configuring BIOS


Windows XP
AMD 64 FX-57 2.8GHz
2GB DDR Dual Channel Memory
Gigabyte GA-K8N SLI Motherboard
BFG 7800GT x 2

Okay so I recently received a AMD 64 FX-57 to replace my AMD 4200+ X2 Dual Core. The CPU seems the same speed as the 4200+ or slower. Do you have to configure the BIOS after installing a new CPU? In the BIOS, the HT Frequency was set to Auto, the CPU Frequency was set to 200MHz, which seemed small to me. The DDR speed was only 333MHz, yet it is supposed to be 400MHz. I set the CPU DDR clock ratio to 2/2 and that got rid of the DDR Speed problem and set it to 400. The voltage of the CPU which I assume has to do with overclocking was set to Normal, and the Normal it said was 1.4V. In my System settings, the CPU read as 2.7GHz. I changed the voltage from Normal to 1.4V and now it reads 2.8GHz, but it is still not any faster than 4200+ X2 in any games or applications. I don't know if the FX-57 is not supposed to be faster, but .6GHz seems to be a difference to me. I'm not sure if the BIOS is configured right.

I'm also wondering about my graphics cards, they don't seem to live up to their name, that or its the CPU's fault. The BIOS setting for PCI-E clock is 100MHz, and I'm not sure what else to look at for graphics.

How do I need to overclock my CPU to make it faster? Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. You know that FX-57 is a Single Core? and the Athlon64 X2 4200+ is a Dual Core.
    So you basically are saying that you've downgraded your processor and you now are expecting to go faster?
  2. that sucks
  3. get some LN2, OC it to 3.5+ghz... be lazy
  4. I hate to cruel but you have been severly had or you made a very wrong decision.
    You have downgraded from a dual core to a single core.
    I'm afraid to inform you that those graphics cards arn't very good either even in SLI they are outdated.
    Put the 4200x2 back in and overclock it and cut your losses.
  5. It's true that you've gone from a dual core cpu to a single core cpu.It's also true that you will take a performance hit,just not as much as some belive.In the area of multi-tasking and dual threaded apps,yes,you do take a hit in performance.But in single threaded apps and games,you should see an overall performance boost with the FX-57.As for the two 7800GT'S you have,well let's just say that performance is just fine with those cards.Not as good as two 7900gtx's or two 7950 gt ko's,but they will still perform very well.Even with games like Oblivion.I will say that you may have taken a step back in the processor department,but only in a limited sense right now.You might consider an FX-60 as it is the dual core high-end for S-939.Goodluck.

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