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Hi all, :hello:
I'm new at this site/forum. I'm a computer technician and I want to build a new computer. this is the first time I build a computer for my self and I want to do something special.

I wanted to ask, who is the best motherboard's manufacturer, who most advancing and on who I can rely. I was looking for some chart that says who is the first, second and else, best manufacturers of mb. also, important in the mb is the chipset manufacturer. so, I'll be glad if someone can make me or link me some small chart of best mb and chipset manufacturers.

btw, I'm not a native English speaker so I'm sorry if I not understand very good.

Thank u in advance for every helper. :)
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  1. Asus is the largest motherboard manufacturer as far as the best I think it depends on the board. All companies have good and bad products and it really depends on personal preference or need as to which board is the best (the best for you or your application)

    If you give more information about the type of system you want to build and what your planning on doing with it we can give better ideas of what to buy and what you want to look for.

    The same hold true for chipsets, Intel and Nvidia are the two big chipset makers and which you will need depends on what you want to do with it.
  2. Yeah, tell us more.
    How much money are you willing to spend?
    What will the computer be used for? Games? Which games?

    I think I like Gigabyte and eVGA more than, say, Asus or MSI. But this is just based on reading 10 reviews a day in the past 6 months. Asus and MSI do have some very good motherboards, and I'm sure Gigabyte and eVGA have some bad motherboards. You can't generalize. What you need is recommendations for a mobo, not for a manufacturer.
  3. I concur about Gigabyte. At work, where I build our office computers, as well as the computers we sell, I have only used Gigabyte motherboards. Had 2 DOAs in the couple of dozen builds I have done, and only had problems once otherwise, and I think that was a result of the processors and not the motherboard.
  4. I've been in the IT for over 15 years. There are a lot of mb design in the current market, these are the few names, asus, gigabyte, and others are been around for many years too, they're also good in manufacturing motherboard. But in my opinion and experience, you can not go wrong with Intel made motherboard with intel chip sets. Intel is a partner of Microsoft and widely supported by the software developers worldwide. Most of the mb manufacturers uses intel chipset too to make their product competetive in the market. If you are looking for a mb, don't look for the brand, look for Intel chipsets inside. I hope this will give you an idea. Good luck to you.
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