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My Friend Has 2 partions, 1 for normal surfing the web and email stuff like that, and then he has a second partion that is tweaked for Gaming.

He recently formated the "Surfing and email" partion, and installed windows on it, his 2nd partion "gaming" is still there, and it does not let him choose that partion, and we cant figure out a way run it.

usually it would let him choose what "Windows" he wanted to start up, but now it doesn't let him choose, it just loads the newly formated one.. is there a way or a setting to let him choose , or any other way? :(


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  1. Hi, I'm familiar with your situation. When you have 2 partition multiboot setup,Windows puts files on both partitions. One partition had system files on it (the system partition) and one had the boot partition. You could try a use a partition recovery utility to bring your setup back to how it was. You may be able to just edit the Boot.ini. so that you can select the gaming setup up from the boot menu. An easy thing you can try is; delete the other partition for now using the Windows installation Cd. Do a "repair" installation of Windows on the gaming partition. If successful, use Windows Disk Management, DISKPART(See Windows Help and Support for more info), or Partiton Magic for working with partitions. If not successful I would likely do a clean install of Windows on to the gaming partition, and then re-install the games. Good luck. :)
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