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Update hid all my files, please help

Ok, last month my computer automatically updated and reset my desktop settings. Background image was reset, a new toolbar was added displaying a clock, and all my icons were removed except the basics (my computer, recycle bin, etc.). I was able to search for all my files, and rebuild my shortcuts, no big deal. A week later the computer reset again, except this time it reset to how it was before the update. I had my old desktop back, except for any file i touched after the update. Which was all of them! All my documents, music, schoolwork, everything, is all hidden. I've searched for the filenames, and all i can find is the old shortcuts. My hard drive space is still the same, so i know they aren't deleted, i just need to find them and figure out what went wrong.
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  1. Almost forgot, my OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
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    Hello friend. What is happening is that you are signing on to different users even though you may not be aware. The update took you to a default user and not "the name you chose" to log in to the system.

    So, to fix this go to user accounts and find the user account you were originally using and delete the accounts you are not using, after you have adjusted for all your recent actions.
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